Monday, May 31, 2010

It's On!!!

Gratzyyyyy Zachy on 99 Crafting! One day like a week ago he was like "I'm gonna get 99 craft" and then boom here he is!

We all gathered and everybody had on a different cape representing many different skills. Herby, Prayer, Mining, Magic, Hunter, Agility, Defence, Quest, Firemaking, and Thieving were all present at this partayyyy! Zachy is the one by the stove with the skull sceptre and monk robes.

Finally he did it!! He made one last piece of leather and 99 Crafting was all his!! :D I love how Merchy is the only one who actually said something about 99 crafting in her message, ROFL!!!

We made an epic train from Juliet's house in Varrock all the way to the crafting guild and I got this epic picture:
Zachy's actually the 5th person in line, right in front of me. It was led by Kayla and Tanya is behind me and Merchy's at the end. :P Those are the people I could identify right away. :P I had to leave right after he bought his cape so I don't have a pic but....

All this fun has inspired me to... *drumroll* ...go for 99 craft!! I've been going back and forth between craft and con forever and ever because they are both expensive and require many games of SC but after thinking about it I have come to the conclusion that I'm much closer to craft than con and it'll cost me a whole lot less because I get to sell back what I buy. I was so inspired by Zachy's lovely cape that....

I made a subliminal hidden Mickey Mouse and shoveled out some small pocket change on green d-leather aaaaand...

Ta da!!! 91 Crafting! It's amazing what kind of potential 900k has!

So, as for the quest for 99 Crafting...

IT'S ON!!!!

Anyways today proved to continue to be an epic day. First, before all this crafty business I did and evil tree with a bunch of members of Canting and got this awesome picture of us after:

Hehe flippers!!! Tanyakins is in the brand new red dhide, Armmadylo is in the royal and yellow phat, Rachy is in the middle, I'm next to her, and Firemakers is in the front. We're so kewt! And the flippers are catching on! :D

Also before I leveled Crafting I needed a game of SC in order to get enough tools. I had 18 points so I needed at least 22 so I invited people to come and ODST Isaac went with me. It wasn't terribly interesting of a game and there were like a million pools around a furnace (lol) and a swarm so I just gathered and made runes... Nothing higher than class 4... I dis what I always do and just collect from low level things and....

Woot! I got the high score again!! Plus, when all around me magic spells were flying like food in a foodfight, I was calmly making runes and depositing them to base and got all 3 of the clay noob awards!! :D

Anyways after that I was increasingly closer to 88 farming, but could never quite get it . Finally, 2 farm runs after what I thought it would be, I got it!

During my farm run I ran into BIG Midnight again who, like I said before, has an epic face. I actually remembered to get a pic this time! :P

I love it! If you can't tell, he is bald and has a green mustachio and gnome goggles. It made me laugh so hard when I met him! :D

I did the circus to try to get close to my mage level and passed by my embarrassing dead cactus:

I was so mad... I've had my cactus for like 2 years and decided on a whim to replant it. Well, I forgot compost so I bound my nature ammy to it. It got diseased and I cured it, then like 9 hours later went to bed... and it died. -.-

Anyways after that I wanted to get my total to 2090 so I went off to the flutterbies to knock down the xp till my hunter level. Holy crap I just got 80 and now I'm already 81??!?!?! With 16k to go I went to my favorite orange salamanders and got it!

Wooot! Never would I imagine that here in near June I'd already have 81 hunter!!!!

During the last 2k till, Jaxana told me about a size 8 star in Misc so after I leveled I went there with Kayla and Mike and we had fun there. Afterwards, in my delusional tiredness, I became over-excited about Kayla's Defence cape and put mine on and started freaking out and dancing around with it on. I then got this really cool pic of us synching up!

...are those adult teeth falling from the sky? Guess which one is me and which is Kayla... :P

If you said I'm on the right, you're right! My lovely Catin skin (tan) and Guthix stole give it away. It's amazing how similar we look though! :D

Well I'm off to bed as I am wayyyyyy crazy tired! Good night all!

Until next time...

Sunday, May 30, 2010


What's woot?

THAT'S WOOT!!!!!! 85 Firemaking!!!!!!!!!1 :D:D:D

I could have burned like 25 loads of maples... I had about 80k to go... But I got annoyed with that so I sold all those dhide bodies I made and bought magic logs. 232 burns of sparkly logs later and I got it!!!!

Not much else happened today except a star, an evil tree, some farming, and catching imps in boxes (got a hunter stone and the imp even banked it!) so I'll leave with you this video of me doing a level 1 clue scroll and the crazy mass emote barrage at the GE the other day. :P

Until next time...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stoning Time!

Well the day started with me finally completing week 9 of my statue! Finally a week that was easier and that I had done days in advance! :D So, I spent the day gathering up stones. The first one I got was an herblore one. No second yet but it'll come if I have to scrub every herb on earth! I did get the crafting, smiffin, mining, construction, fishing, and woodcutting ones all done with plenty more to come! I also somehow squeezed in doing the week's penguins with Kayla and got my xp till my next herblore level cut in half! :D

I did an evil tree today and there was a guy there dressed, no joke, like a tree and it was such a cool outfit that I had to take a gazillion pics!

His name was KING 0F YEWS and he looked like a log XD

He had an untrimmed wc cape, green dreads, royal crown, splitbark, d hatchet, and a fremmy wooden shield (not shown during chopping animations).

So precious! My idea of a tree is similar and includes a monk robe bottom, camo top, green wild spiky hair, and a nature tiara. :P

I got a clue scroll, actually from that ditched effort tree last night, and solved it, making a video which will be up soon if I remember. :P I got marginally good things too and didn't have to buy any crap! :D

OK the rest of these pics will be in semi-random order. A lot are from yesterday but didn't fit in the post so here goes!

Yesterday when I was on lunar magic for a while, I ran across DSyplex. He was that guy that my "butt-surfing" glitch movie dood was following around, but I remember him more for his really funny video that is on his channel. I followed him and repeated the lines (OMG and emo! Do something emo!) but he was either AFK or had public off and disappeared, leaving me looking like a fool. :P

Kayla always makes me laugh:

I have 400k worth of xp plz use me! Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. :D

I saw a guy with an amusing name in Catherby Bank:


Today, when xCurt entered the chat, this hilarious chorus of name shouting occurred:

LOL! This is why I love Canting. :-)

Later on me and Vandy played some SC and I had my very first Class 5 Swarm!! Awwwww! :D

Woooot! This is a moment when I realized that I am not a noob! Also the fact that I could make and wear whatever I please. :D

I did a little Con after that and got the two stones quickly plus about 100 con xp! SC is fun again and I look forward to all those games I have to play. It's about 20 hammers per million xp and I am only 86 so I have a lot of hammers to get but it should be fun! :D

Finally, there were not 1 but 2 parties I went to for skillcapes. I guess today was the day to get a 99! First, my friend Mark (known right now as Marktonikkle but also known as PK Major1 and Sabre Mark) got 99 Mage!

He got it by alching his fletching cape. Epic! XD

Later that night Coopee4 got 99 Mining!

Wewt! We celebrated at his house and then went off by trying to do an M&M star but it turned out to be a level 1 bickerfest between homeworlders and "crashers" in Burgh de Rott so most of the party couldn't come anyway. Coopee got about 1 swing before it tubbied and I didn't even get 100 dust. Oh well, gratz to you and Mark!

I ended the night by getting my wc rocks at ivy with Rediculouswc (I hope I spelled it right). I realized that I was only 30k to a level and got the 2nd stone with just 3k to spare, making this the first time I leveled from adding my stones to the statue:

87 Woodcutting ftw! It's all from Shattered Heart and evil trees too. I might have 99 woodcutting soon at this rate... :o

Well it's late and I better get to bed if I want to get anything done! Good night all!

Until next time...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Of Slayer and Running Through Tirannwn

What a day! It started with me doing loads and loads of slayer! I started my xp counter sometime earlier and set off to see what I could do.

First I had terror dogs and they pretty much pwned my face:

I packed my inv full with lobsters and set off. Literally the MINUTE they became nonaggro I got bobbed and then they were aggressive again. Grrr! Luckily I just managed to do my task in one run but I ate all my food. Oh, and I got a granite helm! :D It looks like a grey afro. I know it made some pure happy. :D

After that I got Desert Strykewyrms! Woooot!

I went off first with waterskins then quickly nixed those and just used my tiara. They dropped all sorts of seeds and maxed out my bank. :o

Now I really don't know what Jagex was thinking but... let's keep this PG and just say I made a lot of dirty jokes about these... ;P

During my task I got 88 attack!!

Yay only 11 levels to go!!

Among this time Armmadylo showed me his new flippers! :D


Then Nezantra joined us. :D

Later that night I took a break from slayer and farmed a bunch and some other things, and went to play some SC for needles to finally craft my dhide.

Somehow I got a class 5 rock all to myself for the whole game! :o

Yeah I won that game! :P I've gotten at least 4 more 80's since I last played and made class 5 arrows the whole time. Owwwwnaaaage!!!

Nezantra had finally finished Underground Pass and was getting ready for Regicide. I said I'd help him so he eagerly waited for the messenger to arrive.

LOL at Vandy! :P

Finally, after an hour, he got the message and was off once again through the u'pass.

It's been forever since I've traveled this part of the u'pass! It's easy with 99 agility! :P

I eagerly awaited him as far as I could go (to the pressure point where you have to lay down the plank) and soon he had arrived! I eagerly took him down the well and past the random major obelisk until... finally... There we were in the beauty and pwnageness of Elfland.

I was showing him the pointless stick trap and all that stuff when a familiar figure appeared from the west. It was Fred Lay! What a sweetheart! He went out of his way to make sure Nez was safe! The three of us then made our way easily to Elf Camp and back.

While we were at the musician we all got rooted. LOL! We ended up finding the tree on the way to Tyras camp also. It was a yew! I tried in vain to get some firemaking xp by cutting with the bronze axe but alas I ditched that quickly and we set off to help Nez get the tar and stuff he needed before heading off to Rimmington for that annoying part of the quest that I kept screwing up. :P
Fred had to leave but before Nez went to do the rest of the quest we met up with Aquarianpixi who had just done Regicide and was now doing Roving Elves! :D

We danced and jigged for a while before I got this pic. Nez then went on to finish Regicide and can now use his dragon halberd! :D I helped Aqua finish Roving Elves and then she started MEP1 so I was able to meet up with her in Lletya! She celebrated by planting a fruit tree and I showed her where the star falls.

I then decided to do my lvl 1 clue I had from a tree and even though it took more work than it was worth I still got a decent reward:

It was a great day. :D

Until next time...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Slayer

Today, with my statue week 9 being done 3 days early, I set off to get some slayer done! I slept in late, piddled around, and wrote my history essay before logging in and doing my suqah task. I was worried because I had 6 monkfish and 30 titan scrolls but I got it done just fine.
I isolated one near the entrance to the moonie city and things were going well. Then this jerk noob with d claws comes prancing up and specs it to death before prancing off. He did this about 6 more times. Now, I could either get really pissed off and say something that I shouldn't, or I could laugh about it and make it into something funny. Obviously I chose the latter and every time he did it I'd mutter something like "Really?" or "Seriously, GTFO." Finally, on my last suqah, when he did it again I shouted "I love you!" I don't know if he even heard me but every time I think about it I laugh. :P

My next task was dags. Woot! I teled there but got a little sidetracked at barb agil... :P

I feel really heavy, clumsy, and awkward running an agility course in full bandos... :o

I made it there and had the whole place to myself. I was dreading any more idiot noobs who are notorious for stealing kills here but there were none.

I left to bank and get food and of course in the TWO minutes that I was gone a cannoner had set up shop. It wasn't a big deal so I started killing some dags around the edges but the cannoner would go out of his way to kill the one I was killing. Well ok then, I just went to the outer edge and killed a small group. After a while I had worked my way down again and a guy showed up and started killing from my dag pile and asked that golden question that I always hear: "Why are you using a dh axe?"

I told him what I tell everyone who asks this. I laughed and told him it was not Dharok's axe but rather the Balmung. He'd never heard of it so I explained. The cannoner left by this point and the two of us chatted and killed side by side. He had an untrimmed str cape and I was in my defence cape. He told me he was training defence and I said I was training attack. I found it funny when he asked my att and str levels and he was like "Where does your combat level come from!!?" Hehe, it's always been from defence and summoning! :P We added each other and he left to get a new task. He then asked me for some advice on his metal dragon task. I told him that I mage them so he set off to do it. After a while I told him about Canting and he went in and fit right in! :D Funny how that works! So, welcome to Canting Ruined Skaip! :-)

After dags I had a task to get excited about- black dragons! Woot! And 73! I threw a ranged outfit together and took my favorite Imp-in-a-Boxes with me and managed to get it all done in just 3 runs. A tip that Pperrizo of Viks clan told me once is that if you have black dragons bring like 24 imp boxes and a birdo pouch. Each imp banks a bone and hide for you and after all those are gone and your inventory is full THEN you bring out a beast of burden and fill that up! Genius tip and I love it! Now I'm out of imp boxes though... Looks like I have a playdate in Yanille!

BTW I have a little clip of me killing a dragon. I go to the evil chicken lair and although I prefer the spot way in the back the front spot was open so I just hung out there and killed the purple dragon.

After that I got junglywyyrms! I excitedly went to the jungle and pwned them all up. I got a lot of good loot and between them and the dags I have uber loads of great seeds! I even got a torstol from dags, as well as a snap! :D Finally that task was done and I now have terror dogs but those will have to wait until tomorrow. :o

I leave you with some funny pictures from today:

First a quickie, just for Peeky!

Next a funny one by Aqua while I was at dags. :P

Finally me and Vandyyy both managed to typo on the same word! :o

I stayed up well past midnight and Canting was pretty quiet so me and Vandy went to Rs Outreach and enjoyed the energy there until we both dropped from tiredness. :P It was a fun day and I've gotten almost 500k xp in Attack, HP, and slayer. :D

Oh before I forget here is a bonus video of me glitching in my house. Merchy was trying to figure out what to do with her house and dungeon and I told her she could check out my house for ideas. When she entered I followed her but somehow glitched and ended up walking backwards! :o

Good night all!

Until next time...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Shorter Post :o

I got my thieving and hunter stones today, woohoo! I am all done with week 9, 3 days early! I think I'll fill that time up with slayer. :P

My thieving outfit for the week was uber special and I love how it looks! :D After all that I did some farming and ended the night by soloing a Frem star that ended up falling in Lunar. Awesome, because my task is Suqah! I'll save it for tomorrow but look out because I'm gonna pwn them all up! While that happened Vandy got 82 Rhoonkreftin! :D Woop woop!!

I have another essay to do tomorrow and I hope I can make my thought formulate. The good news is that watching the video in class today gave me inspiration to futher clean up the rough panting of Gambada and the land of Jadali. :D More to come! Good night for now!

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Small Post :)

Oog I am so tired and am going to bed in like 4 minutes. Today I logged in before school and did an evil mage tree, once again in Shilo. I was still there from last night's events and got rooted. :P I'm now under 100k till 85 firemaking! Woot!
Hmm... Then I fletched around for a bit. I had just started some more logs and went to the skill menu to see how close I was to leveling. Right when I clicked fireworks went off. Woot!

I can make mage longs with a fletching potion now. Woot! :P

Oh yeah and there were a bunch of updates to the skill emotes. I freaked out but thankfully agility is untouched. The sound effects are a little different and it's smoother now but phew!! I tried out the defence emote and it looks awesome! I'll have a comparison vid..... later. :P

I then finally did tears and got 37 Dunj. Not bad!

Heh heh, everything after lvl 5 thus far has been all tears and one round of pengs... :P

When I went there to tell Juna a story it turned out I told her about Catin:

Ki wahaen!!!!!

I then went to my house to "pimp out" my butler's bedroom which, since my epic remodel, has contained nothing but a bed and a clock. As I went there I had a strange graphical glitch, which is to be expected since Jagex has gone to a new system and even told us to be on the lookout. I took a pic and went to report it, but it was the one and only thing on the well-known list. Good, I'm glad it's not just me!

It says something about the dungeon ceiling peeking through the grass on the ground floor. Ah, so that's what that grey sludge is! It's even hollowed out where my garden dungeon entrance is (not shown). It flished and flashed with every frame change too and made my eyes hurt. Ugh...

I leave you with an amusing picture of my adorable top hat:

Hehehe it's so cute!
Goodnight all!

Until next time...

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Tale of Two Clans

Today was an amazing day! First I did my fire giant task, netting me loads of attack xp. It was also my 200th task! Woot!! Those points are comin in now! I then got the 2nd con stone and the fletching stones and am pretty close to 82 fletch but just don't feel like fletching. I did some farm runs and even went to Puro Puro and scored many nature imps and more!

The real fun of the day was in the late evening though. I had scoped a Karamja star due to fall at about 16 after the hour, which happened to be the hour of midnight for Vandyballer and therefore his birthday! So, I thought why not celebrate at the star! I figured it would be a small quiet star, seeing as it was an hour that usually nobody is around, but man was I wrong and it ended up being a good thing!

First of all, in a rare moment only experienced once before in Taverly, the evil tree and star were right next to each other! The star was a size 8 so I left to go burn the evil yew and then return.

How often does this happen!? :D

Here we are with the tree in the background. :P

Very quickly more and more people arrived and turns out that the clan Rs Outreach was there! When they found out it was Vandy's birthday they were all over it! :D

Now this is what I love about mature clans. They don't care if you're in their clan or not. Their chat, like Canting, is a place for fun and chatting, with maybe slightly more emphasis on stars and trees. Because of this, we were all united as one at the star and tree and the air was alive with birthday spam for dear Vandyballer. :D

There were at least 4 people in agile capes which made for a lot of fun! :P After the star the air was alive with messages and emotes of all capes and kinds! They all agreed to pose for a picture with the Birfday Boy himself!

At the same time, a member of the Rs Outreach clan (whose name I forgot to write down) rubbed a lamp and got 99 prayer! The air erupted with woots and gratzes from everybody! It was a party over in Shilo Village for sure! There were probably 30 people there, including the 5 or so from Canting that were awake and attending. :P It's moments like these that make me realize why I play this game. Everyone loves everyone and things like status, 99's, prestige, and clanship don't matter. It's about having fun with everyone else and celebrating the spontaneity. I go to bed happy and excited for tomorrow!

I really must go to bed as I am very tired from yesterday... :P Happy birthday again Vandyyyy and may you have uber fun!

Until next time...