Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Total Remodel

Today, my house, and its small un-balanced-ness, finally got to me enough that I was willing to rearrange. I spent all day drawing a detailed picture of how I wanted it and did it!

I had to delete a gilded altar, my portal rooms, and a study to make it work but I am finished and am so pleased with the result. Plus, it cost less than 2m for it all! Half of that was just in the gilded altar! I deleted 8 rooms and ended up with one extra so phase 3/5 of my dungeon is done!

I am very pleased with the result :-)

In other news, I got 87 mining yesterday!!

It was all thanks to finders on at least 3 stars and a couple quality hours in the living rock caves. During a nice Neit star, I was finally able to get a proof pic of me mining Rune!!

Well, gnight all... I am so, so tired....

Until next time... :-)

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