Thursday, December 31, 2009

Through Pie's Eyes: 2009 in Review

Wow! It's been a whole year since I have really gotten into Runescape! I have changed so much not just as a player but as a person as well! I thought that I would list my favorite moments, some oldies, and my goals for this new year. Enjoy! :-)

Top 10 Moments of 2009

10. The candycane glitch.
Haha this glitch was one of the funniest I have ever seen! I don't even care if it gets patched or not, I got lots of entertainment out of it:

9. The sheer amount of levelage I did.
Holy crap! At this time last year I think I was total level 1400 or so? Maybe a little higher. My combat was somewhere in the high 80's or low 90's and I was working on deciding which cape to go for. My highest skill was probably cooking and it was probably in the low 80's. Now look at me! Total level 1952?? All skills 70+??? 118 Combat??!?! 99 Defence and a Questcape??? Wowie zowie!!

8. Meeting Merch Gwyar
Sometime back in summer my friend Kitty Molly told me about Runescape blogs and bloggers. She told me about the Runescape Reader which I checked out and told me about one blogger in particular that reminded her of me. That one person was Merchy. :-) I began reading her blog and got the inspiration to make my own blog, something I had been wanting to do for ages and was kind of doing already. I jumped at the chance of meeting her at her open house birthday party which soon led to us becoming good friends and me becoming part of Canting Away in addition to J4F. Meeting her was like meeting a celebrity, but someone I really admired! :D

7. Discovering Agility and Runecrafting
Wow. I didn't really do agility much, but would enjoy random spurts at Brim here and there, but then the update for extended courses came out. It took the right moment, but soon I fell in love with Agil. I love it! I can do every shortcut in the game and let me tell you, my run almost never runs out. Even lagging a little restores some of my run and standing for about 5 seconds recharges like 40%. Combines with my agile clothes I can run forever and do things like graahk-natcrafting and Ourania without worrying about run. Also, with my weight, I can take full loads of just about anything on the hot air balloons. Woot! As for Runecrafting, I despised it. It was such snail's pace XP and hardly seemed worth it. Then I did some for fun because I was in the mood for it and BAM! It hit me. I double my money! Literally! The XP may be slow but boy howdy does it make money fast! I pushed up for deaths and now I am making about 400k out of 150k. Just like that. Ownage! It was the 2nd to last skill to get to 70 and boy do I look forward to 75, then 77, then 80, then 90, then 92, then... 99!! :-D Why is it I fall in love with the most hated skills? LOL!

6. Visage Week
Who could forget the week that within 3 days of each other, Merch Gwyar and Kitty Molly both got the rare and totally awesome Draconic Visage!

5. Kitty Molly's 99 Summoning
She's been collecting charms and saving pennies since Summoning came out and on October 24, 2009, she did it!! Kitty I am soooo proud of you!! You stuck with it and got it!! Plus, you got 99 Slayer out of it too!!!

4. The awesome statements said by my great friends on Runescape :-)
I summed up some of my favorites in this collage :-) Click on it to see it! :D

3. My Defence Cape
After having a dream that I got a Defence Cape back in April, I decided to pursue it as my first 99. On September 12, 2009, I was successful!!

2. My Quest Cape
My first cape!!! Sometime back when I decided to go for 99 Defence, something happened. I got 73 WC and was able to do Grim Tales and Back to my Roots. Upon looking through my quest journal, I realized that I had ALL the level requirements for ALL the quests!! This led to an epic questing rampage that ended on June 26, 2009, with the completion of While Guthix Sleeps! I had never been too fond of quests before, but in that moment of realization things changed and I became a Quest Sister :-)

The weird cropping is supposed to be exclamation points :-)

I did it!! And 400k Summoning XP was mine!!!

1. Merch's KBD Head Drop
I seriously don't think I've seen someone so excited about something. Ever. It totally made my day :-)

There were many more wonderful, and not-so-wonderful moments that I could go on about. You have no idea how hard it was to choose just 10. :-)

Next, here is a list of some 2009 goals I had that I found scribbled along with class notes or on scraps of paper:

Complete Legends, complete MM, complete DT (with a big yuck face lol), all skills 50+, 70 Farm, 70 Herblore, 75 att/str/def/hp, get a 99, get a Verac's Brassard, get a million gp... I got all those! Here are some I still have yet to get: Full bandos, Full Arma, a DFS.

And lastly, here are some goals for 2010 :-)

99 Agility
99 Construction
99 Mining
99 Cooking
99 Crafting
99 Farming
91 Rhoonkreftin (piespeak for rcing, LOL!)
90-99 Attack
90-99 Strength
89 Prayer (for the cool atom bomb death curse)
85-90 Slayer (abby demons and dark beasts)
80 Fletching (for SC)
All skills 80+
129 Combat (no more pesky wild dogs)
92 Summoning (ardy diary elite)
92 Smiffin (ardy diary elite)
85 Woodcutting (evil elder trees)
92 Firemaking (evil elder and adze)
80-99 Ranged (haha what a stretch!)
94 Magic (BARRAGE!!)
2100+ Total Level
83 Hunter (D Imps)
Ardy Elite done
Bandos Armour
Armadyl Armour
Dragonfire Shield
Mackenzie (my steel dragon)
Further establish myself in the RS world
Further my blog and make more friends :-)
Make some RS videos that are good ;-)
Unlock all the musics

and finally, I want to mee the following people and here's why:

Icey Dan1 for his blogging video which finally pushed me to make this blog.
Jinsr44 because he makes great YT vids and seems like a really nice person.
Sharppointer. Because of his advanced agility courses video, I currently have 94 Agility. I want to say thanks for inspiring me to go for it!
Bitt3rsw33t3. She was the girl with the agility cape in Jinsr44's Siamsa video and I noticed it. This was at a time when I was trying to decide what to do, as I had just gotten 99 Defence. Agility was the answer!!

Here's to 2009 and let's hope 2010 is a great year!!! Happy new year, everyone!!

Love, Full Of Pie

Until next time enjoy the fun!

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  1. i remember looking over your shoulder while you either recorded or played the candycane vid... good times