Friday, December 4, 2009

Smith Level, Quest Thoughts, and Website!

Today I was very busy with school stuff so I only played long enough to run a few laps and then decided it was time for 79 Smiffing, considering I was 32k till from all the gold I mined and then smelted. All it took was one game of SC, where lots of people were giving the new prayers a spin. Ugh, there's still people who are like, "Whoa dewd wtf is that?" LOL!

I bought 261 addy bars and was off to work making knives. I spent about 800k and only lost about 250k. Not bad! I still have over 5m.

One more level until I will be able to make everything in Stealing Creation. Woot!! Soon c5 pickaxes, hatchets, armour, and weapons will be mine!!!!!!!!

As for the new quest, I will get around to it but I just don't feel like doing it. Barrows?? Ugh! Luckily I have like 20 people who said they would go with me, LOL! Hey, at least I'll get Dangerous Way unlocked and will probably have a lot of fun there. I really hope I can put my 99 Defence to good work. I am planning to do it tomorrow in between clothing shopping and concert-o-rama. I already know that the two combat lamps will go on my non-budging 89 hitpoints and the other lamp will go on Runecrafting, getting me 66. Woot-tacular!!! Speaking of rc, I did my penguins last night with Twi and somisareg and got 26k rc xp! Now I'm 11k to 66. I was going to do some rc today but didn't... Story of my life LOL!

I am falling behind on agil but am planning to really go at it hard when winter break finally starts. Twi is close to 98 and I am still at 92. Oh well, 92 is freaking awesome anyway! I didn't fail a single elf trap! Oh, and I saw Fat Poison today sporting a new agility cape. Gratz!!!!

Today a new face (to me at least) named Cookies Spam came into Canting today. He told us of a blog he has just started called Two Minute Doodle Challenge. I took one look and was hooked. I present to you my picture, drawn in two minutes. It's entitled "Pie's Agility Cape."

Perfect timing on it too! LOL!!! He also has a runescape blog in the works so check it out!

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