Saturday, December 5, 2009


So today, despite me not wanting to, I sat down and did the quest. I'm glad I did, for now it's over and it was a good one. :-)

It started easy enough until I had to go to barrows. I have never been before and was of course freaking out. Luckily, Kitty was there to show her support and Ferus took me through the barrows. My dad watched over my shoulder to make sure I didn't do anything stupid.

After much panicking later I was digging in the mounds and killing the brothers, which were actually pretty simple. I ended up with Karil in the tunnels... Ugh.

Here we are fighting Dharok, the first bro. I was still scared as heck:

When I got to the tunnels I was running around when Karil popped up. I freaked out, trying to turn on my pro range despite being drained to zero. Luckily I didn't die but man it was scary! Soon enough he was dead and I managed to not... cry... I grabbed the artifact, looked at my loot, and got the heck outta there! I was still shaking as I continued northward for the ice boss.

After some encouraging words from my dad, I was at the boss and after a very long fight he was dead. I quickly went back to the digsite where the assassin seemed to rub in my high agility.

When it was all over I eagerly used the combat lamps on hitpoints and the other lamp on Runecrafting, getting me this:


I then spent some time at soulwars getting my hitpoints closer to 90. Man is it slow or what!

Well, I'm off to another concert...

Until next time...

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  1. Has it made you want to do Barrows again? Now I've tried it, I'm not half so worried about going again.