Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Fotos

I have a ton of photos lingering in my "photos of today" album that I will just share now. You might get a good laugh out of them!

I still have just a little time to play but RL is fun right now!!

This was taken slightly out of context, but when you get red vambs and a crimson charm drop from a dustie it looks exactly like a chain. Hehe :D

Hector was quite distraught when Princess Astrid died. LOL!

What you see here is about 1,000 people crammed into about 100 squares...

Kitty couldn't remember one of the doctor's names so she made one up. :-P

I often press enter instead of apostrophe... this time it was sort of embarrassing... Yes people heard me lol but I think they knew it was a mistake.

Merashi wants a good country song. "My dog died/the wife ran off" becomes "My dog had puppies/wife gave me a backrub." Nice!

MyConstant came up with one of the most epic and funny stories I've heard in a long time. It made me laugh so hard IRL!

I dunno what I'll be doing but I'll surely be on again sometime soon. I did lots of rcing and agility so that's good. I can't wait for the Christmas event!

Until next time...

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