Monday, December 14, 2009

After Darkness Fell...

Well, after my last blog post I wasn't done! I ran some agility for a while and then I broke down and got this:
Woot!! It really helped repay the cost of bloods from my maging spree.

Afterwards it was more running with Twi and then he decided to craft some laws. But, we mined our own ess. After a couple trips he needed some glories but couldn't charge them so I gave him 2 of mine. Now I have like 4 glories left lol. THEN we made our way to Draynor where I found out he wanted to run laws. I told him to go to Edgy because the abyss was faster. Oh and he had to buy pouches from the rcing guild. So we do that and run alllll the way to edge. Right before we get there he tells me he's never used the abyss.


Instead of doing the miniquest we run back to Draynor and prepare to run laws the old fashioned way. We enter the ruins and then silence. Then the air fills with "omg omg omg fml fml!!" Twi has 51 runecrafting. Laws are 54. Fail. He apologises profusely while I am laughing irl and then we decide to run the next best thing which is cosmics. We had a blast using the shortcuts and ended up making some good money off of it. If anyone wants a quick way to make some money, make 300 cosmics! I get double of course, but even until then you get bonus runes like with nats.

Then morning fell and I woke up to write this and show you this funny:

You'd still have to travel through 500 miles of boat!

I'll post more later. :-)

Until next time...

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