Friday, December 11, 2009

Kuradal Loves Me // Barbarian Assault

Today I finally finished my living rock task and continued killing them until my health got too low. I am really enjoying my 118 combat and 80 Att/Str!! Kitty also had living rocks so we finished together. I remarked to her that I would LOVE a black or steel dragon task! I made my way up to Kuradal and prepared for whatever she would give me.

She gave me 63 black dragons.

The resulting woot could be heard from miles away! I swear Kuradal loves me!!!!!! After I made some extra ruby and emerald enchanted bolts I was excitedly off to the evil chicken lair where I began ranging away!I was clad in the outfit of a total champion: Karils, Range Ammy, Archer Helm (too lazy to tele home for Robin), Karamja Gloves, Defence Cape, and of course Flippers. At first it was a little awkward getting situated but I soon got the hang of it and was killing black dragons right and left!

I mostly had the caves to myself and got lucky and shared with two very polite people for the first half of it. Then I hopped and had the caves to myself until someone came and set up a cannon... right over my dragon! I asked him to move and he said no so I just hopped. Luckily I found an empty world on the first try and killed the rest of them in peace with only a lone lvl 103 player coming in and very obviously killed a BD for RFD. Poor guy was meleeing it and wasn't praying right away... Almost died in there! Luckily he didn't. I killed that BD the exact same way all those months ago so I knew what was going on. After it died he teled which confirmed my suspiscions.

As my task ended, I was invited to join Kitty and some friends for a game of Barbarian Assault.

Kitty and I have never played, nor did we ever really want to, but we were excited to unlock a music track and experience the game. I was the collector and spent most of the first three waves running around clueless. Ugh. I did get the hang of it eventually and once I really know what i'm doing I'll enjoy it a lot more. It was a ton to take in...

HUGE thanks to Jojododo9, Arwyn Fireye, and Soady-Pop for taking Kitty and I through the confuzzlement of the game. After it ended, I didn't know what to do so I leveled up my collecting ability. Woot! Pictured above, from l-r: Me, Jojo, Arwyn, Kitty, and Soady. :-)

I took a quick break after the game to prayerify my bones I got from dragons. I got about 15k xp off 60 bones. Nice!!

As more proof that Kuradal loves me, my next task is 210 Dust Devils. Wooooooooooot!!!

After that we (minus Soady) all went to Stealing Creation. It was so nice to play a game that all of us know how to play! I decided to bite the bullet and get the tools for 80 Smithing. Slowly the group of us four girls dwindled down to just me but I got all my tools and was off to the GE. I am making addy knives since they are worth more than addy bolts for the same XP. It cost me over 5m for the bars!! Luckily after I sell it all back I'll only lose about 1m which I will make up as soon as my living minerals decide to sell. I then got very tired so I decided to call it a day.

Look out 80 smithing, here I come!!!

Until next time...


  1. dr leviathan12 December, 2009

    Hi Pie,
    You might want to consider smithing addy arrowtips instead of knives. The current GE price says you'll get 2370gp for 15 arrowtips while only 2310gp for 5 knives. And when I was smithing about a month ago I could always sell them at max price (which I think Jagex caps at 160).

  2. Massecure36012 December, 2009

    Looks like Kuradel is in a loving mood lately, because I've been getting some great tasks too. :D