Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day Of Hearts

Today was a hectic and busy day of dress rehearsals and the holiday concert. I was in two groups. We did very well. :-)

Anyways I had enough of a break to play a little RS. I first logged on to find that Twi was about to get 98 Agility. He did it. Woooooot!!!! Gratzy graaaaaatz!!!!! He's so close to 99 now even I can taste it.

After some agil I decided to hit up Soulwars and try for 90 HP again. I always go blue so that I get to kill the cool avatar that makes sounds when it dies. Not like I was killing it... I was just training on jellies, using up my sc armour, and it was on world 9 which is an unofficial tie world. I lost the first game (oo I just lost the game!!) and tied the next two. I was down to 32k to my HP level and when I spent the first 4 zeal I realized I was 6k till. One zeal gives me 6.8k. Woohoo!! I happily cashed in that last zeal and got this:

Woooooooooot!!!!! Woot woot woot!!!! My 4th lvl 90 skill!! I was so happy! Ferus joined me for a game and screenied my excitement on his blog. After that I was giddy enough to return to my abby spec task where I am now attempting 80 att and str. I'm annoyingly close and will get it after a good day of slayering.

When I returned after the concert there was another peep there named Sumperdon, also in flippers!!! He said he always has them on too!! Awesomesauce!! I also say my friend Armydude there, also in flippers. It's catching on! Woot!

I then left to do a s4 scorp mine star and fished some sharks for the remainder of my task. I wonder what awaits tomorrow!

I leave you with two funnies from today:

First at specs Army meant to say Bunny. He accidentally said Nubby. LOL!!

I was talking about how I turned RCT into a RPG*. I love Ed's filter avoidance. Phornicating... LOL!

*See 3rd paragraph.

It's late and I must rest. We'll see what awaits when morning comes. :-)

Until next time...

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