Saturday, December 12, 2009

Of Smiffin, Minigames, and House

Today I received a text from my dad while I was shopping (because we're that much of nerds) that this happened today:

OMG!!!!1 Visage fever!!!!!!!!!!1 Now I really really really wanna camp at steels or something. HUGE gratz Kitty!!!!!!! Even better, she said it was on her "one more slayer kill for luck" dragon. That makes two of my friends with visage drops this week and two who got KBD heads.

Anyways I was off smiffin' away for 80. Thanks to a tip from Dr Leviathan, I made some arrows as well. Basically, I did a mix of knives, bolts, and arrows. I was happy to get a little fletching xp out of it and I ended up losing about 1-2m, but OMG!!!!!
Hello new world of SC PWNAGE!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I can make godsword blades now :-D

After that, I found out that Kitty was going to my favorite minigame, Trouble Brewing. I couldn't pass it up so I got there as quickly as I could!

It was so nice to play a game that we both know inside and out! :-)

After just three games I had enough to get me a purple and brown set of Naval. Only grey and red left!

After reading Massecure's house plans I decided to take a pic of mine, since I redid my whole house. I don't feel like posting the old plans but they weren't balanced and I didn't like it at all. LOL!

Here is the ground floor. I love my indoor court the most! I was so proud when I put that in! That combat room was where I got my 99 Defence. :-)

I love having a detached and smaller housething to the right. It used to be just the throne room but I revised it. Now it has my entrance portal, chapel, a quest hall with a glory, and now my house has an upstairs for the first time! I call it my "love shack." The indoor court has a garden with my dungeon entrance and in the blank spot is my menagerie. It's perfect!

This is my upstairs insert. I found a genius spot to place my portal rooms and found a use for one of the two basilisk heads still in my bank.

Now for my dungeon. As I don't have 96 con, it's only on stage 3 of 5 so I'll show you both layouts.

Above is what it looks like now. I moved my costume room below the dining room (aka secret conference room, aka the room I accidentally deleted). Yes, I have my bedroom in the dungeon. I thought it was a unique and signature touch to my house. :-D The dungeon stairs lines up with the garden and the oubliette lines up with the throne room. The treasure room will soon be home to Mackenzie!! :-)

Here now is what it will look like when it is all done:

I will add an altar down here to make fighting a little more fun. I plan to have it aligned to Bob and it won't be a fancy gilded marble altar. I don't know if I want an organ or bells. They're both fun to play. (LOL just realized I put the chapel in wrong but you know how it connects...) Then I plan to build another quest hall with stairs that will join it to the northwestern most room of the ground floor. That way, my dungeon will have 3 entrances. It will be awesome! I will then move my costume room over there because I have no idea where to put it. I couldn't put it anywhere upstairs because it has one door and it wouldn't balance and be symmetrical.

Speaking of monsters, I named all of mine. In the dungeon stairs room we got Walen the skeleton and Bruce the baby red. In the junction we got Dale the baby red and Jenna the skeleton. In the oubliette we got Annie the dog and my tentacle pool is named Mr. Cuddles. My steel dragon will be named Mackenzie when I get that high of a con lvl. LOL!!

The day ended with me running agility to under 700k till, then doing a s7 alkarid star, then cutting a little ivy before bed.

I leave with you some pictures I took today:

I decided to fletch in the quietest city I knew of (Burgh De Rott). Soady was talking about the trailer park where he was going (at least it has a roof, and Runescape!). Leave it to Merx to see the bright side of it. (At least u don't live in the middle of a meth/crack head enchanted forest.)

An interesting bank glitch... I stored my borrowed SS in my bank and all that showed was the red dot. It was fine when I withdrew it and when I left Edgy it looked fine in the bank.

An interesting duo at Trouble Brewing... I was part of a duo once!

I get cuter every time I ride the carpet. :-P

Finally as I was afking on ivy to write this blog I ran into World9 Pies. Sharing our pastry bond, we made small talk until I logged off. There are about 20 people on world 9 with the username "World9 [word]" at the moment. It's kind of a cool idea and it's fun to run into them. In fact I have been running agility with World9 Sunny. :-) By the way I love my awkward legs. Flippers always bring out any awkwardness of any sort of legs. They're also hawt!

Until next time...

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  1. Massecure36014 December, 2009

    Well big gratz to Kitty Molly! Some people have all the luck.. :o And also very nice house! Can't wait to see it once its finished! :D