Thursday, December 31, 2009


Apparently I wasn't done leveling! First, I noticed I had 7k to 72 prayer from all the burying I'd been doing at falconry and firegiants. 31 dragon bones later, and there it was!!

I found a sc needle hidden in my bank with 98% charge in it so I made me a hammer and got to work on con. I looked and OMG I was 61k till 85!! I played some SC, had a great time, got my cousin to play (he loved it!), and after selling some runes made the money for my lovely level.

Earlier I found tons of stuff from my hunting adventures and sold it. I also pc'd my ring of stone. Then I fell off my chair. It was worth 900k!!!!! I sold that baby so fast! I now have 8m and I plan to try to keep it that way! :-D I did a ton of imp hunting on mos le and in impville and got me a torstol from a nature imp! Woot!!

So anyways, 2009 ends with these stats :-D

Happy new years!!!!

Until next time...

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