Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Step Closer and Lots of Funnies

It's been a busy two days! I have had like... no time to blog! First of all, two days ago, HUGE gratz to Kitty Molly for getting 99 Cooking! Another 99 under the belt! :-)

Yesterday was rather interesting. The new Slayer dungeon came out!! I was sooooo excited because, for one of the first times, I have ALL the requirements for it!! 75 slayer, check! 110 combat, check!! 90 Agility, check plus... THREE???!?!?!?!!

I pushed so hard for it... I stayed up way too late LOL!!

Yes folks, 93 Agility is mine! It was a loooooong day of running and finally Twi bugged me enough to go get the penguins, which got me 26k Runecrafting xp. I'm just waiting for an opportune time to get that 11k for 67. As Twi and I were running through Pt. Khazard he says "Look Pie! There's Lesko Diamond's arch nemesis!!" I turn and there's a guy clad entirely in green!! I was so happy I just HAD to get a picture!

It was very late after that and I was in Jax's chat chipping away at the last 60k till 93 Agility. Jax suggested I do the circus when i was 16k till so I did... and only got 6k XP. So, it was back to Barb for those last few laps. I got a lamp from a random...

...which got me my lovely level. Woot! Only 6 more!

After that I was off to do my greater demon task so I could get a task from Kuradal. I had learned the day before of the new fairy ring in the ancient cavern that you have to fix. I set off trying to buy shrooms which of course didn'y buy so I bought a spore and wouldn'tcha know it DIED!! Luckily, my dad has like 200 so he got me and Hector our 5 and we were off fixing it. I got a great shot of Hector entering the ominous cavern.

I always do greater and hellhound tasks in the wildy volcano. It's nice and quiet there and I got it done in record time. I was so stir crazy from killing them that I thought some random lava bit looked like volcanic toast. Agree?

Finally I was off to meet this hot slayer chick for myself. She gave me like 200+ abby specs so I cancelled in hopes of getting something in her cavern. I got 211 Dust Devils. I'll gladly take that and come again later. :-)

Yes, I am wearing flippers with my Veracs. Call me a Def Narb or call me Kewt, but I like it this way and it'll stay for a while :-)

All right blogfriends, it's convo-screenie time! I have gotten tons in the past few days!

Kitty has an epic list for when she gets snowed in.

Thanks to an accidental opening of iTunes, Mark is releasing the Lag Lion. Rawr!

For this one, Merx was talking about how he heard that buying all the general store's packs daily yields high profits in the GE. Kitty sums up everything in the gnome stores quite nicely.

16 drops of blood...

Kitty and Ed discuss a certain bank on a certain world filled with... well...

I'm working on 80 attack and strength now and I can't wait!

Until next time...

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