Sunday, December 27, 2009

Busy Flippers!

Now that I have a stable internet connection I've been leveling like crazy! First, I bought all the required ess and after some quality time at the death altar, I got this:

Woot!!! Of course I got "bored" and had a nice vyrewatch interlude in between some abyssal time. My dad joined in on the fun too!

Vyres are slow going and not ideal to train on but it sure is fun taking my anger out on them! Plus, burning their corpses just looks totally awesome. I was trying to get flail experience which is why I was killing them. Sure enough, I did get some:

This is the 3rd time I've gotten more experienced so I should be able to pwn them a little harder next time. :-D As for rewards, I got lots of cool stuff like a rune med, 2 kwuarm seeds, and after my dad joked about getting one, I got a snap seed. I'll show him! LOL!

So after my giggidy RC level, I decided to finally FINALLY tackle 94 agility. So, I was off to the course where I ran for a million years. Just kidding, it was only a few hours. :-P Aquarianpixi was on her way to 50 agility and joined me on the course. She leveled much sooner than I did. Oh the joys of needing like 10k to a level... How I miss them... How they disappear too quickly for me now... Anyways, after some quality running time I got this :-D

Woot!! Only 5 levels to go! I would have stayed and broken 8m xp but I am returning home tomorrow and get to spend 8 hours in the car. Yuck. At least this trip was fun and the drive was uneventful. Once I get back I have like 10 movies to upload to youtube, a RSMV to make, and lots of plans!! I have about a month left of break so here we go!

Until next time...

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