Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wild Levels

Today I did a little of this and a little of that. I then sold a ton of "junk" in my bank and bought mahogany planks with it (known as "mog planks" in Piespeak). Oak doors are nice and cheap but... OMG they are so boring!!! Trust me, when you level from 74-83 on them they get old. I was excited to try out the mog table method. After going several times to buy tons of mog and teak planks, and after using up all of my oak planks I had made, I finally got this:

Yay!! I can legitimately add mog scopes to my house!! Too bad I stole the thunder and built them as early as 77. Not only that but I deleted and rebuilt a study so I have made 3 in total already. Take that! Yay, I can also now build stuff that I already have in my house!

After that, and around that time, I did some farming rounds. Due to a magic seed I got from a nest, I had 20k to go! I had 3 yew saplings that I couldn't sell so at the advice of Merch Gwyar I bought the cactus spines and planted them. A short while of tagging said yews later and I had this:

Woop woop!! I can legitimately plant spirit trees! Good thing I've had one since lvl 79 thanks to my Stranger Plant which raises me +4 after lvl 75. I was very laggy today which produced some funny and severe glitches:

It either snowed or sand fell in Falador... I hardly recognized it! I even got a movie of it because I can do that now! That's the general store place thing north of the west bank. Of course some "cobrats" were in order after such an awesome levelage of farming:

And of course, as I was planting belladonna, I saw a penguin in a disguise as adorable as the halloween pengs. I could hardly stand it, it was so cute! It certainly made it easy to get my pengs for the week! Free 27k rcing xp! Now I'm 15k from 69.

I did some rcing before the pengs with Twi and got 1300 nats from 1k pess. Woot! I then got my free 150 ess and made laws for myself. That's how I plan to do it from now on. Love it! I've been going between 5.5m and 6m all day long. With my newfound love for rcing, nothing can stop me!

I'll be in Canada tomorrow for the day and I'm very excited! I haven't left the country in 2 years! LOL! See y'all when I get back!

Until next time...

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