Saturday, October 31, 2009

Exotic Level Sampler + Two 99 Parties!!

What a productive Halloween! After sleeping in, I got up and began my epic sampler of leveling most of the skills that I needed less than 100k XP till.

Of course that meant starting with Agility. After a short while I got this:For the win!!!

I then went to the chef's guild *Elite* bank stove place and proceeded to cook all 1500 swords I had left. While doing that I got kidnapped by Damien and got this amusing star-jump shot:
Free genie!!

After a short while that felt like FOREVER, I got this:

I definitely prefer skills where I move around. Cooking got boring in a hurry. After I got it, I cooked my 20 manta rays I had laying around from the Ardy Trawler adventure. I felt bad cooking them and I couldn't eat them because I think they're cute so I sold them. I'm such a girl. I mean, I think the Monkfish on RS are absolutely adorable.


I mean, who can't say no to this adorable face?
Funny enough, this looks very much like the real deal:
I still think it's adorable.

Ok, back to my post...

I then went to the GE to prepare to get the stuff from my kingdom. While there, I noticed some people doing their cape emotes but lagging them in such away that they were performed while sitting. Most were kind of lame but I found the fishing one to be pretty funny.
Nothing like a fish in your face and wet tassets...

My kingdom produced many many maple logs which would be my fuel for two levels. I ended up getting another spirit seed which makes one in the ground and two in the bank! o.O I think the spirit tree is way too cute to dig up... I dunno what to do now... :-(

Anyways, I was off to Mobilising Armies where I spent a very small chunk of time lighting fires in a row and soon enough got this:Yay!! I can do important things at this level! Even better, it's one level closer to 85 and 92 :-)

After that I was invited to a misc star where a fellow clan member, Jabbewoky, got 99 mining- his first 99. Wooooot gratz!!
It was pretty low key but I was happy to be there. I've rarely seen him outside the Edgeville furnace ever LOL!! He's the guy all the way to the left in mid-jig.

When the star was over I played a couple games of SC to get tools to level a few skills. First up was con...
I'm gonna go absolutely crazy as I go for 99... It may be fast but man is it isolating...

Then I went to the bank where I used a bit more of my maple stack from the week to finally level fletching, a skill not leveled since 1701. Yay I can *not* do anything new...
At least with sc hammers it went by fairly quickly... I think I'm going to string the bows and try to sell them to an alcher.

After that it was time for the real moneykiller of a level: 88 Crafting. The black d-leather cost me 2.2M... Ouch! At least when I sold back the bodies it ended up costing 600k...
Wow. I leveled 6 skills in one day. Woot!

I was going to go to bed after heading back to Barbarian Agil when my friend Armydude surprised me by saying he was getting 99 ranged. Of course I had to go!!!! I quickly ran to the range guild where he was going to level on a chicken.

Istrkuout 27 was there to model the hand cannon.

Finally the big moment arrived and Armydude got 99 Ranged!! :-D
Afterwards we began what would soon become a wild party of emotes, starting with the Bat Cluster:
Now that I finally have this emote I love to use it!

That then moved on to doing a wave of the freeze emote, which quickly led to us running to Catherby Beach to show off. LOL!!Doing a synch freeze, with Armydude in the middle lol

Haha, I consider myself a terrible leader and a very passive person in real life, but on RS, I always end up leading all sorts of things, like this emote party! LOL!


Just for fun I'll name the shielders. Me, Istrkuout 27, Armydude07, Bass Daddy, Sir Kehn, Shad0w527, and Samuel Rowe1. There were others in other pics too and we all had fun LOL!!

The day ended with me making this blog whilst fishing sharks on a relatively tame Catherby Beach. Before I go, Twilight, this is for you:

Haha I was fletching when randomly he pm's me "Does the quest cape have a hood?" He never knew it did! I laughed and told him I'd take a pic. BTW, this small bank pic is what turned up with I searched the letter "Q." We have a calquat sapling, calquat seeds, quest hood, questcape, and calquat kegs... LOL!

Twilight (aka "gym bag boy") is getting 99 Agility and just broke 8m XP. We like to run together and I'm so glad I actually have a friend to run it with! I've mentioned him before too. He's really a lot of fun <3>

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lesko Diamond Pays a Visit and More!

Today, I had a little time to play RS at school but not a ton, so I decided to be bold and take Lesko Diamond (known on RS as Lesko Dymond) through the halloween event. Even though I play on him like once a year, I felt he deserved the cape. LOL! So, I was off to do the h'ween event a second time.Taking someone who so loves green on an obstacle usually inaccessible deserved a pic.

He also needed to announce his presence in a bold statement and rock his green eyebrows.

Cobwebby beds were just as funny the second time around...

Finally I was done and Lesko Diamond was off to enjoy his cape, one of the only wearable things in his bank account. He had full green robes but alas they were bought during the one month when he was a member so he can no longer wear them. :-(

To find out why Lesko Diamond loves green, click *here.*

Anyways, after I got home I got to work on agility. After many unsiccessful attempts to run it, I am finally down to the last 40k until 89. I keep getting distracted with other things which is totally fine by me. I would get 89 tonight but I really don't want to push myself too hard. As I was running, I logged into Canting to discover Merch Gwyar was on (at 1am??!?!?) and that Jagex was apparently hosting some party at clanwars on a free world. This big party began to die down so I decided to go, in full agile/skiller gear, to pay a visit.

My weapon, as it is mems along with everything else I was wearing, was rendered useless so I was doomed to kick my opponents. Hehe... I got a kill finally but because I was wearing members only Agile Clothes I was basically naked. A player by the name of Sir Nerdsy kept attacking me and thanking me for the free xp. He noticed my cape and told me he was going for 99 Def as well. I was more than happy to oblige and was killed several times. It was a lot of fun! Sir Nerdsy, if you're reading this, go you!!! I can't even imagine getting a 99 completely in freeplay... I was f2p for a grand total of a month before I got mems... That was over 3 years ago lol!

In this pic we see Merch Gwyar with what I thought was a Sara Sword (lol, really a rune 2h), me fighting Sir Nerdsy, and another kind player named Eivuli in the background. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for the heads-up, Merch!

I went back to agility afterwards and was majorly distracted by writing a post for my other blog, hence it took like 3 times as long for the XP to melt away.

On the menu for tomorrow is 89 Agil first off... Then I'll be about 3/4 done with my 85-90 agility goal! At this level I stop failing Gnome so I'll just do that until 90 when I can legitimately do the Barb course.

Also up is 91 Cooking. Yes, I hate cooking now but I was close and with 91 I can take better advantage of Chef Delight when making Summer Pies (lol which I no longer need). I bought 2150 raw swords for about 1.3m and got through almost 1k... Way to go me! Ugh... Maybe I should just go for 99... The thought of standing in the cook guild for a long time does not sound fun though... >.<

78 Con is on the menu too. I'm 75k from it which is a hammer and a half so two games from SC. Fast? Yes. Boring? You betcha. Worth it? Absolutely. I should get some money first before I go and do it though...

After looking, I'm pretty close to a FM level. Maybe I'll go and get 79. I know I have a large stash of maples from my kingdom that I can burn. I also looked and 77 Smithing is close to a level too. Maybe I'll head on over to the living rock caverns and get me tons of gold. Then I can craft amulets and maybe get 88 craft! Oh joy joy joy!

So look out for 1900 total level to quickly be replaced with something along the lines of 1905! Woot!

Until then, I'm tired. Goodnight!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just For Me...

Today I didn't do a whole lot and I have no pics...

I did some construction until I ran out of hammers, chatted a little in Canting, did 2 stars (rellekka + brim dungeon), and did a lot of agility. Kind of a meh day...

89 Agil coming soon :-)

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Adventurer's Log and One Good Drop!

So yesterday I heard about the Adventurer's Log thing so I checked it out.
Hehe I've been playing for near 4 straight MONTHS. What's funny is compared to my friends, this hardly makes half of what they have done. XD I like how all of my achievements are levelups and that they are quite diverse. I also unlocked 600 songs thanks to the halloween event and even unlocked Dagonnoth Dawn! I volunteered to suicide on Dag Rex in exchange for him pointing me in the right direction to unlock that pesky track! Yay! Double success! Today the friend's achievements was spammed with my friend's killings of Dag Rex. LOL! My pic is pretty good... I had no idea about the body shot. Good thing I had my agile outfit on!

Today I didn't really do a ton... Just finished up the firegiant task and as it was task #149, I went to Lapalok instead of Sumona to get the uber slayer point reward after #150. I was really dreading whatever yucky task he would give me. I was hoping he would be nice. He gave me Gargs.

Woooooot!! 185 Gargs to kill! I love Gargs! They're pretty easy to kill for me and I think I summed up nicely what I think of them a couple months ago:

Pardon my reign as the typo queen, but "Gargs are like magic Kinder-Eggs. You break them open and there's goodies inside!"

I got to work breaking these eggs and got the 3 steel bars drop. I thought it was a granite maul at first... Then a few kills later I got a funny-looking drop. It looked like a weirdly-shaped steel bar. I right clicked it and realized it was a Gmaul!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooot!!!!! Extra 335k for me!!! :-DOf course I remembered to actually take an obligatory pic before I picked it up :-)

I used the money from it and the drops from firegiants to take with me to my house where I got started on 100 oak doors. Maybe 78 Con will become of it tomorrow :-)

Until next time...

Monday, October 26, 2009

1900 + Halloween = Party!!

This morning, I dragged my WOW-playing friend over to my compy where I excitedly got 85 Mining at a very crowded Living Rock Caverns. He didn't understand the significance as much as I did but he was happy for me! XD

Wait a sec... Did Avicile Mohaili say 85 MINING???#@^$@#%R! Holy cow!!!She did!!!!! Runite is mine! Plus, what's even better, 1900 total!!!!!!! Hooray hooray hooray!! Continuing the tradition I started at 1700 of screening every 100th level, I took a screenie of my lovely 1900 stats. :-)

I'll even put up the last two to compare!

Starting with the 1900...

I got 1800 on July 23
I got 1700 on May 31 :-)
So let's see... in about 5 months I've gotten 15 Summons, 17 Agility, 18 Craft, 16 Con, and 11 Farm levels among other things. I've gotten all skills 60+, a Questcape, and a Defence cape in that time. It's easy to see which skills I went on binges with, like Agility, Craft, etc. Haha!

I then returned home from school since my next class was canceled and logged in to discover the Halloween event finally up! Yay!! I immediately set off to complete it and I loved it! It was great! I got TONS of pictures as well, just for kicks :-)

I started out by tackling the big web, with about 2,000 other people.

After making it to the center, I began playing on the jungle gym of a second floor. I even ran into some big spiders!

This spiderweb course reminded me tons of Gnome Extended! It had the "swing-to" poles...
And a version of the signpost run!
This sentence made me laugh hysterically. It's just so... Epic!
After throwing cobwebs on everything I got utterly pwnt by the Grim Reaper's dog. 1-hit KO!
For whatever reason, I was also highly entertained by the cobwebs on the bed. It's like a cross between kinky and kewt... LOL!
I loved that "clock" wouldn't do. They were all "Death Clocks" hehe :-D
Finally, this quest was complete and i got an awesome looking cape and an adorable spider as my reward! Eek now lives in my awesome house :-)
I then threw on a spooky outfit and began smithing the 1k gold ore I got mining when something orange caught my eye. It couldn't be a pumpkin peng! Wooooot!! It was!! :-D I about died from the cuteness of it XD
Happy Halloween!!
Time to craft all that gold into amulets and then sell and probably run some agility :-D

Until next time...

Sunday, October 25, 2009


...real life happened so I was gone all day. I had an orchestra concert and it went very well! I am happy with how we did. :-)

I was only able to play RS long enough to decide to go mining. Look out granite mine, here I come and I'm not leaving without 85 Mining and 1900 total! :-D

Until next time...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Very Merry 99 Summoning Kitty!!!!

Today started with me scrambling to put in my Mahogany Telescopes. The first step was to turn my chimes back to a saw:Once that was done, I had to collect the ingredients for/cook my stew and make me some glass and then I was off to "cut da special wood" to get me logs for planks.
After much scrambling, and forgetting my hammer, and after much eating of spicy stew, I finally was able to get both of my Mahogany Telescopes installed. At level 77. Woohoo!!

With that done, I went back to Abyssal Demons in hopes of a whip. I didn't get one, so I went and did most of my firegiant task, blah blah blah. I got this though:
Yay!! Total level 1899. Wowie! Oo and I can do stuff at this level!

Anyways, this morning my friend told me she was having a party tonight. "But what for?" I asked. She then told me it was for 99 Summoning.

WHAT???@$*&$*$ Last I heard, it was "Oo I think I have enough charms for 98!" Wowie!!

Finally, the time came, and Kitty Molly did indeed get 99 Summoning. Congratz Kitty!!!!!!!!!! And of course, being the cameraperson that I am, I got loads of pics. Enjoy the kewtness!

First everyone gathered at the obelisk. Kitty's the one with the red pigtails middle top.

There was much dancing and spinning as we waited for people to show up :-)

I recorded the event on my phone. Note to self, always safely remove hardware. I didn't... The video is gone. *headdesk* Oh well, it was probably for the better XD Too bad I missed all of the spam except my lone green "wooooooot." I am still in shock that she has 99 Summoning o.O

We all piled outside to witness her in all of her kewtness as she performed the awesome emote. Apparently she has never seen it before! Even better! This is Kitty Molly's 6th cape, the other 5 being Def, Att, Hp, Str, and Slayer. She loves killing things! :-P

After I moved my house to Taverly, all the guests dropped by for a party! There were summons everywhere! Of course, Kitty brought along her new friend :-)

We all gave my brand new dungeon a spin while Ed enjoyed a massage in my tentacle spa.

Kitty Molly is sooooooo kewt!!!!!!!!

As the party died down Kitty and Cat decided to have a "pillow fight in the mud" while the steel titan spent its time destroying the tentacles.

It was a great day! What an amazing achievement! In my opinion Summoning is one of the hardest skills to get to 99 because of the time and money involved. It's no fast skill until you have giant stockpiles of charms. Then it goes by in the blink of an eye! Kitty and Ed have dubbed Slayer "Charm-Collecting" and she certainly has gotten mounds of charms!

Gratz again Kitty Molly!!!! Enjoy your awesome cape!

Full Of Pie <33333