Friday, October 19, 2012

#19 and Green

Today (technically yesterday now... October 18) I sat down and did that new mining/smiffin quest because of the super awesome anvil pendant and the charges I could get on it. The quest was easy and fun and although I had the worst time finding the guy to start the redone Death Plateau quest I was able to finish the quest and all the tasks that followed in a few hours.

I love this amulet! It's awesome!

Before I did the quest though, I got something I wasn't expecting for another year or two!

90 Smiffin! This makes #19 and leaves just 6 more skills under 90. I can't believe it either. I can make freaking DFS's now!!!

I got a cool shot of the ribbon ceremony.

 Let me shooken your hand. :P

So in some random recent news....

I bought the Zanaris 2 toned hair and after spending an hour trying to get colors I liked and that looked nice I decided on black and purple. Here I am modeling it at a star:

I LOVE my Deathcon shirt!

My friend Raven got himself a cool outfit that included a 3a robe top. I actually like how they looked and asked if I could try it on.

I was so happy that he agreed! All these long coats look good with ele. :P

Getting sort of into the Halloween spirit, I have changed my outfit again. I'll probably be doing this a lot more now, as I don't feel as attached to any particular piece of clothing anymore... Except flippers. Flippers will remain forever. And the agility cape will appear oft. :P

So two years ago I had an orchestra concert on Halloween and somehow nobody thought it would be cool to wear costumes. It's stupid, because last year, even though our concert wasn't even on Halloween, we were encouraged to wear costumes. I went as my RS char and made my own moonclan. Anyway the year before that, even though we didn't dress up at all, I had to get in the Halloween spirit so I went into my closet and dug out only green items. It wasn't hard; the hard part was choosing what to wear!

Soooo.... that year I was...

Obscenely Green on Halloween
So green that I made my professor jump and do a double take when he saw me. XD

Anyway it was really easy to carry that title over into RS, especially with my new two toned hair. Here's my attempt at Obscenely Green on Halloween on Runescape:

Zanaris hair in the 2 greens, double eyepatches (I couldn't find a good hat), Guthix God Cape, Harmony- T2, Green Ele, Guthix Stole, Karamja Gloves (though I usually go with tribal bracelets), Magic Secateurs, Illuminated Book of Balance, Green Skin, and Flippers.

If I had a farm cape I'd wear it but I'm *only* 96. :P

I have gotten some comments on being the green lady and stuff like that. I hope people like it as much as I do!

Here's to tinking dat anvil for another 8 million xp...

See, even Wartface uses Piespeak! My Bash-Bash With a Hammer level is 90.

Until Next Time...

Monday, October 1, 2012

This World

 I have doomed it.

Suck it, Nomad. Three years is far too long.

The fire to get my quest cape back has been rekindled.

Thank you Instakill Dart for doing what should have been done so long ago.

October 1st has been a good day.

Until Next Time...