Friday, April 30, 2010

April Hiscores and PG-13 Post

Today I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't really feel like doing much of anything so I decided it would be a perfect time to go star/tree hunting! When I went to the ge tree I saw three imps in a row!

They're so cute!!!

I chased down a M&M star with Vandy and Levi and it ended up being in Burgh de Rott. Vandy couldn't go... :-( I'm gonna make him do the Myreque questline now muahahahaha!!! They were some of the last quests I did before my quest cape so I remember them well.
After that I decided that I wanted to go vyre killing. Sounded like fun! So, I loaded up a bunyip and some monkfish and set off:

I set it to attack for the first time. I have always had the flail on defence because I killed many for 99 defence and man what a difference! I was actually hitting them with almost every hit and they were dropping like rain! I managed to kill a full 26 with 2 monks left when my yip ran out. I then got some maple pyre logs and set off to release the vyres of their troubled souls.

I knew that I was getting pretty close to another 100th vyre released but didn't get anything as it wound down. Then, on the last vyre of the 26 I burned, I got it!

After looking at the book I just burned #200! Only 300 more to go and I'm actually looking forward to it! I had a thought today that what if there's a quest that requires flail mastery? I want that milestone! Anyone wanna join? :P

After I did that I decided to try for the thieving stones because I reallllly wanted to wear my mudskipper hat! Here's my zany thieving outfit this week!

And, I got a pretty good picture of me and Wickster35, who was thieving with me, capturing the essence of pickpocketing.

As I picked the farmer's pocket, I got a message with a frightening image on it. OMG, it looks like a placenta! Sorry for being a little pg-13 here but OMG!

I forgot that this piece of fire from the 2nd thief miniquest thing was obtainable from the master farmer. I picked like 6 in a row... It just looks so gross.... A placenta at worst and a heart at best.... Excuse me while I barf and then try not to think of having babies..... -.- Moving right along...

Wow tomorrow is May 1st! I can't believe it! It's freaking May already! School is almost out! :o Crap, I guess that means it's hiscore time! Well, here it is:

So much has happened! I broke 100m total xp, got 14m def xp, several levels, and a new skill came out! I'm still unranked but I should be pretty soon. I'm 25 at the mo and will have to wait until 30 to show up. Look at my agile rank too!! It's 2222!!!! I've been pretty diligent about my stones and running a lot so I'll have 14m before I know it! All my (ranked) skills are over 75 now too! Woohoo!! I should easily have 80 hunter in May. Yay!! I still remember my May goals for last year were 70 farm and herb. Look at them now, all high at 87 and 77! Oo I should break 4m farm tomorrow!

Well off to bed... I have a concert tomorrow but I play in 1 piece and 15 notes... Ugh... Almost not even worth it. I'm just glad my slide is working properly again. It had something in it and was verrrrry loud. I almost had to take it in to be repaired but I couldn't bear leaving it at such a busy time so it'll have to wait until summer. Hopefully it will go well!

Until next time...

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I totally forgot to blog yesterday! And it was a really eventful day! So, here goes everything that happened.

First off, I headed for Tears of Guthix which somehow turned into a Dungeoneering cave because...
Woot! I advanced 7 dunj levels! Hello double digits!!

Next, new quest! It was near impossible to find the right guy. I ended up finding a trapdoor I've never seen before and there was a guy named Sir Vant who gave me 2 xp lamps! I got 250 mining and smiffin xp form them. Woot! I then entered some cutscene with a King Green Dragon...

...and only after the scene finished and I looked around did I realize I was not close to the right place... The twitter hint was ruby dragons and I found a dragon..... Ooookkaaaayyyyy... after another 5 minutes of feeling stupid I finally found the trapdoor not behind the lum furnace like they said it was, but one house back and hidden from my camera angle. -.- I started it and got through it pretty quick.

I was excited and set right off to steal the ruby dragon, which I felt intensely guilty about. Like, I felt so guilty jipping that poor dwarf of all his money that my stomach felt uneasy and I was ready to cry... I'm just too caring for robin hooding... Anyways I got it done and reminded myself it's just pixels... cute, caring pixels.... cheery pixels.....

OK, so WTF does acorns have to do with stealing this expensive dragon???? Whatevs... I did get some lols from the wording of the little xp pamphlets.

I then set off to do pengs to take my mind off that poor dwarf... Ugh I'm such a sap! Anyways they were all pretty easy and of course everyone was in full swing so it was very easy to get them all. I went all minimalist for my trip to the lava maze:

Ah yes, nothing like 3-iteming with flippers, a games necklace, and a DFS! :D Good thing I packed the DFS, because in typical fashion I accidentally ran straight into the green dragons. Yay for not getting burned!

Along the way to 16 penguin points, I saw my lovely full grown palm in Brimhaven and being impatient tagged it and got 87 farming!!!

Woot!! Now that is something I am proud of! After I had collected all my lovely points I headed over to Chuck to cash them in for some more epic levelage. I didn't have time to do penguins last week but found one and the bear so I had 18 points. I cashed them in (did an epic penguin dungeon) and boom!

Woot! I jumped another 12 levels, totaling 19 today! I am now sitting at a much less nooby 25 and can pretty much do any dungeon I feel like, gosh (insert Napoleon Dynamite voice)!

Woot woot scroll of life!! Too bad I still need like 2948294724620 more points to get it...
Haha, gem bag sounds like Gym Bag... :P

A short while later when farming I had this hilarious conversation, started when my friend Jojododo9 pm'd me saying that there are master farmers in Varrock and Lumbridge now. My response was "Orly?" and then this happened in Canting:

Levi always cracks me up!

I then saw this amusing fish cape barrage in the GE:

After that I scoped a star and mined it in Crandor until it popped, then went to Kelda and mined addy, getting both mining stones within minutes and adding them to my 7th statue. I then went to bed and forgot to write this post!

OK and onto today!! I didn't play a whole lot but I did manage to chase down a granite mine star and then did and evil tree which turned out to be an elder!!

It was just me and the gal with the dragon skirt so I invited Twi to help. Another guy showed up and the 4 of us had fun cutting the tree. What was cool was the guy was also an Agile Brother! From left to right we have Akula Borei, Increase Agi, me, and Gym Bag Boy. I still can't burn and I don't think any of us besides the other guy could so we just cut roots the whole time. :P It was fun!
After that I used my 30 magic minutes on oak and immediately got two nests with a Papayaya and maple inside. Woot! I managed to cut like 521 oaks or something insane like that...

Oh yeah! And in the time I was waiting for the tree I went crafting, got the 2nd stone (now under 300k to 91 yay!!) and set off for the 2nd smiffin stone. Out of nowhere, fireworks!!

Woot!! Last I looked I was like 30k till my lvl! Yay!! No 2nd stone but that's nothing buying some gold ore can't fix... ;-)

Well I am off to bed now! Finally I can relax a bit tomorrow! I am sitting at 2059 total. Woohoo!!

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Beam of Light Will Fill Your Head

...and you'll remember what's been said...

I found this song today and I can't stop listening!!!!! Once I find a song I like I'll listen to it like 50 times in a row. Plus, it has words so I can sing it to people!! :D I wanna use it in a RSMV now! :D

Anyways today I didn't play a whole lot... just long enough to do a farm run and then do a round of grenwalls and planting all my good trees. I saw "P l o o w" at the farm patch and promptly glomped her. She had no idea who I was! XD She is I believe the event coordinator for W46ATAT and is ranked 19th in agility. Ownage!

I was part of this wonderful conversation this morning... :P

Not long after I started grenwalling my friend Dalton told me to check his adventure log. After I did and OMG'd at what he got as a drop he msn'd me this picture he took:

Congratz Dalton!!!!!!

While hunting grenwalls (in Piespeak they are Lochgrens) one crawled into my trap to hide and it was cute so I took a pic:

On the way out I took two very artsy, agility-type pictures of me climbing through the dense forest. I thought they turned out pretty neat!

Man I love that agile cape so much... Such perfect colors! And perfect emote!

Well I'm off to bed... Lots to do tomorrow... Luckily after Saturday I will be mostly done with the rush of recitals and all. Goodnight!

Until next time...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Today I set off to get the worst stones for me... hunter stones. I dunno why but they NEVER show up!! I always spend hours getting them. The major upside to this is all the xp I get! :D I'll have 80 hunter in no time!!!

I went to grenwalls and actually had several good runs bringing in a ton of xp and over 1m in grenwall spikes. Woot! I even got a stone, and from a sprung trap! So, Rune Wiki is correct when it says that you can obtain a stone even from a failed trap. That makes me feel a whole lot better about getting my stones from there!

I then set off for the penguins as usual...

I got nothing so I left after a full inventory of KGP Agents and went to falconry. It was fast approaching midnight and I wanted this 2nd stone way bad so that my statue can still be rebuilt on Monday and not Tuesday, although I think I screwed it up anyways... Oh well... I then went to falconry and turned on my music. After selecting Jurassic (the same song in my falconry vid) I got that stone! Woohoo!!!!

Statue six complete!!

I tried to get as awkward or bizarre of an angle as possible this week so here it is... It looks almost normal until you look closer. Then it's like "What the..." LOL :P My hands look weird with no gloves on (I had just teled from falconry)...

Well time for bed... Tomorrow I am performing in a recital and have school and stuff so we'll see what happens. :P Good night all!

Until next time...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Orlando, Here I Come!!

OK, it's not for another year, and it has nothing to do with this blog post! I'm just sooo excited! I went last April to WDW and it was absolutely magical. I get to go again! :D Ok anyways onto the post...

I spent the small amount of time I had today getting the rest of the stones for the week. Well, first off I did a star. My goodness the people were so angry! Just chiiiilllllllll pl0x. After that I teled to Shilo and mined the rocks, keeping the jades to make bolts with. Upon banking I noticed a trail of gems all the way to the mine (LOL) and some guy there offered to sell me any jades he got for 1k each. Um, no way! He then said "oh they're only 145 gp. I'll sell u for 500." No deal!! I told him I'd just pick them up so he told me he was refusing to drop any. I'm not a noob and I'm not that stupid! Cmon!

Anyways today I got the RC stones. I was running low on laws so I decided to lawcraft until I got the stones + a complete glory or down to 10k pess, whichever came first. I got both the stones and doubled the amount of laws I have. Woot! I then went after the agility stone and finally got it, just in time to pay Vandyballer a visit at Pyraplunder, where we poisoned ourselves for like 10 minutes until I had to go. :( Upon returning however I got this!!

Woot!! All my levels are over 75 now! OK screw dunj it's not counted yet. I totally just remembered that I forgot to pp my first gnome! (LOL, remembered that I forgot...) With a list that big I went to celebrate by fletching in the Sophanem bank, getting my 2 rocks pretty quickly. It was time for that herblore rock! It took FOREVER and many many many purchases of irits, selling stuff in my bank to fund more irits, farming a round and selling the produce for money, and finally breaking own and buying kwuarm and limps. ONLY THEN did I get the freaking stone!! Woot! The good news is that I'm like 38k from 78! Woop woop!

All that's left is hunter of course. I'll try my hand at grenwalls tomorrow. I'm tired and was busy reading blogs so I logged out early for the day. Goodnight all! It's another crazy concert/recital week! I'm performing in 2 this week and seeing at least one more... Fun!

Until next time...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Freezy Bones

Today I was going to try for the agile rock. Didn't get it, and Vandyballer told me he had wyverns for the first time. Woot, so did I! So, I decided to go and do my task with him.

Lucky for me I have killed 2 before so I sort of knew what I was doing. First me, Kitty, and Ed went and killed them for our Falador task a loooong time ago and then me and Kitty killed ours for Fur N Seek. I got my Karils on, DFS, glory, slayer helm, and a birdo full of monks. I was doing pretty well and killed about 12-14 per inventory.

I was using pro melee because every guide makes wyverns out to be some uber hard monster but I was running low on ppots one run with loads of food so I turned it off and never got hit any more than with its mage so I stopped bringing ppots and just let my DFS take care of the melee. It was so much nicer having 3 extra foods instead of ppots!

I finally finished and set off to sell my wyvern bones in exchange for dragon bones, since people use wyvern bones for super ppots and I like to be helpful to them. First, I posed in my beautiful outfit. :P

I think Karils goes mega well with a trimmed agile cape! The colors are sooo nice! I look dang good in my little setup too! And, this screenie was one that had something cool in the background so...

Yeah IDK why but I thought that was funny!

While I was at the Magic Wyvern Wonder Cave, some things happened. First, on my 2nd run I passed 2 people at the ice giants. One was earth waving them and I guess got curious and followed me into the cave. He luckily ran out before he got utterly pwnt but I could see his spells not hitting very much and him getting hit hard by the ice giants. Poor thing probably had like 1 defence! Then later some "cute little noob" with a granite body, rune defender, and skimmy walks in, gets redbarred, and gets frozen. I first said "dude" and was going to follow with something but then he had literally a sliver of green left so all I said was "Run!!!" He then used some sort of jewelry to escape to safety. Phew!
Anyways I bought some dragon bones, bought more, was 220 xp short, killed some ogres, got some big bones, and got this!!!!! :D:D

Wooooot!! 75 prayer!!!! I can wield that awesome green shield now! Too bad it's like 600m...

It's time for bed- I went swimming today and am exhausted! Goodnight everyone!

Until next time...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dani Dungeness and Stones

Today I set off to get more of the strange rocks taken care of. I am at the levels where I can easily get all the pairs in a week and I LOVE the xp and training incentives so it's what I'm really into at the moment. Man what will I do when it's over? I am very close to several levels now, only another week or so! :D

Anyways there was a star which brought even Merchy! I haven't seen her in forever! She invited me to run a dungeon or two. I said no, but then thought eh why not and went anyway. We ended up having a great time!

I did 2 dungeons. The first one was with 4 people (in the pic after we defeated the boss, l-r, Arcty, Merchy, B'Daddy, and me) and then Arcty had to leave so the three of us did another one. It was great fun even though I was pretty much wandering around. We got that icicle boss both times and he pwned me. :P I spam clicked everything in my inventory and actually me and the boss died at the same time in the 2nd dungeon. Haha! It was epic!

The fish on the table made me LOL, because they are making the "o.O" face at me!

I leveled up to lvl 6! I am sitting at 10xp from lvl 7... Maybe I'll try to solo one tomorrow...

While down there I thought about how much the rooms remind me of the Meiyerditch houses and basement. It was pretty sweet! Plus, I realized that I could "roleplay" down there! I am now Dani Dungeness and I am exploring her pre-Dragon Dodger times. Woot!

After that I got some homework done and then returned to get stones. I first set off for the other smiffin stone and got it. Then it was time for fishy. Vandyy joined me for a bit and I got them both! Then I cooked all my monks there and got the cooking stones. Yay! I now have enough monks for my Wyvern task. I then lit rows of fire for about 30 minutes until I finally got that 2nd fm stone. I was going to chase after the 2nd herblore stone but I decided to run agil with Dr Lepage (Agile Lep) instead. It was so fun and I haven't done Barb since I got 99!

There he is, AFK in all his glory! :P

Luckily everyone there was smart enough to realize I was going for stones and didn't ask "Drrrrr why are you still runnin agil u got 99 *snort*" So happy you can get stones here now! It really didn't make sense that you couldn't to start... I got one and spent an hour trying for the other with no luck. However I did break 13.5m xp which is OWNAGE! :D

I had to log out because it was midnight! Hopefully the stone will come quickly tomorrow and I can move onto hunter. I think I need fletch and hunt left, besides agil...

Anyways I leave you with this pic I took at the Coal Trux star I did earlier. It's me and my daddy!

Like father like daughter! Or is it the other way around? :P We look so grown up!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fourteen Million- Tie Kuo Mil :)

Today I decided to do my dragon task, by golly! I borrowed my dad's BCP and got a taste of how hawt I'll be!! :D

Woooot!! I'm a big girl now!! I now look like Kitty Molly when she inspired me with her slayer look! Woop woop!!

I set off for Kuradal's Clubhouse and plowed my way through my task. I got drill demon'd sometime along the way and he had me jog like 4 times in a row. He thinks I'm fat! D:

Anyways I was training defensive style. Why, you ask? This is why!!

(LOL Ran out of space so close to that target number!)

Woooooot!!! I broke 14m defence xp!!!!

There is it, all down and pretty on my adventure log!!!! :D (Why do I look so pissed off in my picture? LOL!)

After that task was all done I got 86 Suqahs. Woot! I've never had them as a task before and had enough time left on the BCP that I went right ahead and pwned them!

I called upon Talon to help me and he did great! He was pwning hard! After he left I got out a moss titan and continued the slaying. My dad even showed up and we lootshared them while he re-loaned me his BCP until logout. The best part about lootshare was neither of us got hides or teeth as drops so it made is much cleaner. I banked all the big bones and all of the marrentill and guam they dropped. I ended up getting a lot of xp from them! :D

I then returned to Kuradal and have 69 wyverns. Woot! I've never had them before! This will be fun! I have killed two before (one for the Falador task and one for the bone for Fur N Seek). Good thing I have a DFS! That'll be 70 chances for a visage!

After I got my task I did that clue scroll that I kept forgetting about. I got some chaos runes, cooked trout, and 5 red firelighters. Not bad! I use trout for cooking stones and save the cooked ones to eat whilst pping for my stones for the week. I then set off for my house and used all my dragon and big bones on my gilded altar. No prayer level but I am about 20k away from 75. Woot!

I ended the day by hanging out at the GE emoting with a bunch of other people there. There were like 6 range capers trying to synch up but a ton of us came and did our own emotes. It was a great time and after a while Cossack came by and we did all the promotional (holiday) emotes over and over again until we all sort of left at once. Fun!

I leave with you two funnies from today:

Me in shock over somi's dunj level... His xp goes zoom zoom!

This next one is a funny glitch when loading my house. Look, my list is full of the same song!!

By the way, Soundscape is so totally my new favorite song! It's right up there with Back to Life!! If you haven't, you should listen to it! I wish there was still a loop button so I could just listen to Soundscape for hours!

Well I better be off, I am just rambling on... Good night everyone!

Until next time...