Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Evil Tree and Pickpocketing

Today was another busy day with another recital! This time it was a fellow trumpet player and he did a nice job! :-) Before that I did a little farming and when I returned the first thing I did was an evil tree:

As usual I was the only one nurturing it until a guy named "I got sack" ran up saying "Grrr you found it too!" Turns out it's his first evil tree ever so I coached him through it. He was very proud of his 99 wc and fm but, sadly for him, this was just a regular evil tree. :P He questioned why people had teled here and then left so I explained about how you can only do 2 a day and therefore people usually wait for a better tree. While there I saw my first ever Kingly Imp and told Levi about it since he's one of the only people I know who could catch one. He did and got like 250 dragon dart tips and gave me as many as he could for max trade. After the tree I happened to see someone with an untrimmed fletch cape on and now I am the owner of some dragon darts! :D The tree was a lot of fun and we managed to kill it just before the third lightning struck it. :P

Speaking of lightning, the real life land had a HUGE thunderstorm earlier!!! It was so awesome! Anyways, when I got home my dad told me he had just gotten a dragon spear as a drop which I happily bought from him. In fect he showed up and got like 3 chops into the tree before it died. LOL! I decided to incorporate it into this week's thieving outfit and we both set off to get our stones!

My hawt minimalist outfit this week including shorty shorts, v brassy, arma pendant, seers headband, d spear (P++), silence gloves, ardy cloak, and flippers. :P I managed to get both of the stones (woot!) and am planning on growing the noob herb seeds this time and see what happens! Oh, and me and my dad had a fun time "bullying" the shady strangers with the spear spec. :D

I have been ultra busy but might be a little less busy for at least a little bit! Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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