Thursday, April 1, 2010

Guthix Loves Me and Wants Me to Succeed in Hunter

Today was an interesting day to say the least! It started with a new but familiar face in chat, Neleus, who will be probably forever known to me as Armmadylo. He can finally speak!! So, he joined Canting and fit right in:

Somewhere along a farming run today I was able to meet him in person for the first time too! :D

I decided to get the three remaining stones today for week 3 of my statue. Con was easy, I just went to my house and played dress-up in my costume room. I swear, I can hear the klunk from anywhere in the house, so I had the first stone pretty quick. I then sat in my throne and went AFK to get dressed (irl) and when I came back I had the 2nd. Then it was time to throw together this week's crazy thieving outfit and go to town on the farmer!

...and continued to proudly wear my creation to the PGT star which fell in Pisc. :P

I may not have gotten a star pic but I sure got a hawt portrait of Dr Leviathan! :P

With those stones out of the way it was time for hunter. Having just gotten 75 I went deep into the woods of Tirannwyn and potted up for grenwalls! They're hungry little piggies but they sure are cute! They make a much less pitiful sound when caught and it's funny to see them snipe and nom on Pawyaya. I started called them Zoes, because they sorta look like my cat. :P I probably took a pic but copied over it, because I got like 5 hours of sleep and am feeling it. Soo forgetful today... Still no stones so I went to grey chins. I figured it would be fast.

So there I chinned. And chinned. And chinned some more. No stones. Huh?? Finally after about 60 I got one so I continued the chinning until it felt like I could chin no more. Ugh!! FINALLY, after what seemed like forever, I got that second stone! Woohoo! I was like 7 shy of 300 so I caught 300 and left. I then looked at the xp till 76- it was about 40k. WHOA!! I had gotten over 80k xp just by doing boring old grey chins!! I could easily get 76 today!!!! Woohoo! Guthix wanted me to get 76 hunter!! This made the fact that I had to hunt all day so worth it!

I then decided to get some range xp for fun so I got geared up in a hawt range outfit...

...and began chinning away in the abyss!

It was by no means good xp, in fact most hit 0-0-0-0-0-0-0, but it was fun because I caught them myself and got at least some xp in a skill I hate and yet love the skillcape for... I did get tons of tallies and charms so I see a summoning spree in the future! :D

After that I then hit the orange sallies, my powerleveler of choice, and before long I had a level that I have wanted since this was introduced into RS!!!

Woooooot!! It's pirate imp time!! I celebrated by going to Trouble Brewing where I played half a game and caught my very first pirate imp, which had a bitternut. Woot! Everyone left after that *sadface* but I'm still excited about that! Look out Kitty, I'm getting that hunter up up and away!! Next goal: 77. Once I hit 77 I can pot up for barehanded butterflies and finally get 80! Oh and catch grenwalls as well! Woop woop!!!

After that I was fading fast so I decided to go Gracking and get some nats done. Hopefully I'll have 75 RC tomorrow and then I'll be able to really take off and approach 80 very quickly! Woohoo!!!! After a nice evening chatting with Vandyballer, it's time for me to go to bed! Night Owl Pie does not like getting up early to take Mommy to the airport. Bed sounds lovely... Zzzzzz...

Until next time...

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