Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day of the Glitch XD

Today I didn't do a whole lot... Things of note were an evil elder that I found as a sap and was first on the scene (giving me even more of a kick to get 85 fm!!) and in that time I told the gang of a desert star which Levi found, untagged, 6 minutes after it fell. Gratz! I was armed with 30 minutes of lep magic and used about half to cut yews before deciding to go do the star as it was s5 and had like 4 people on it.
It was a great way to end the day. Thanks Levi and Fred Lay for hunting and finding such an awesome star!

To start the day I finally was able to add my thieving rocks and get my 3rd statue all done:

I then set off for W46ATAT and ran for as long as I could to have fun and get the stones. I got the first one on the 2nd lap but soon had to leave for school. Upon returning I did a lap and got the next stone so I spirit treed over to the GE to add them to my 4th statue.

When I arrived something strange caught my eye. I then noticed a huge mob following it so I went to have a look. What I found was a guy, Mr Dr Huntz, stuck in a laying position (think sledding) being "dragged" along the GE by one of his friends! I did what any other person tickled by such a funny and exploited glitch would do: I got out my cameras! Here first is a picture:

...and here is the 5-minute video I took of it, edited and prettied up for all of youtube!

In exchange for gathering Twi some toad legs, he agreed to come have a look at this oddity. Once we got our laughs in we headed for gnome where he did the gnome course and I got 2 inventories of toads. Easy peasy and he got an herblore lvl. I then gathered stuff for my herbs and got an herby stone. Hopefully the 2nd will come quickly. I then agreed to sit in my combat ring while my cousin leveled to 60 attack on me. I got one con stone, woot! I did the tree and star after that so I couldn't stick around for the 2nd tonight but I look forward to gathering up some stones tomorrow!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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