Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grinding Out Summoning

Today I took all the money from 2 rounds of wergali plus some other things, totalling over 800k, and instead of buying yews with it bought 37k shards. Today was going to be a good day. Today I was going to use up all my crims on lobsters! Unknown to me, I had the level required to swap pouches! Woohoo! No more alching! I went to the granite mine and got 72 huge pieces for the 725 crims I have gained since my last summoning spree. I forgot a chisel of course but caught a baby imp on the way to the Yanille obelisk. What did it have? A chisel. Woot!

I was off chiseling 10 small pieces at a time, knowing about the update to use any size granite. Well, I did make-all. Ugh. There go 20 pieces of 5kg granite... That's 180 lobs wasted... Oh well it wasn't a huge deal it just made it wayyy more tedious. I just took another trip to the granite mine to get what I lost... Raaaage! OK rant over.
When I was about halfway through, the fireworks went off! Yaaaay!!

2025 total level! Woohoo!! In one more level I can make lava titans and will have a good reason to kill tzhaar. Funfun! :-) I slowly but surely ground all the way through 725 crims and miraculously managed to squeeze out all 37k of those shards! I didn't have to go back for money! Woohoo!! That was most awesome of all! I could have only squeezed out one more pouch with my shards remaining. Swapping rocks!!

I am tired so I will leave for the day but first off here is a picture:

One month since 99 agility!! It seems like forever ago though. That cape fits me absolutely perfectly!! One month ago I got up at 6 on a Saturday and walked the plank, getting that lovely level and a goal 3 years in the making complete! :D

Good night all!

Until next time...

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