Sunday, April 4, 2010

Burning Stuff...

Today, on a whim, I decided to do that beacon minigame for fire gloves and ring, and train the skill of "burning stuff." I've already been to THREE evil elder trees and not being able to burn them is quite annoying. So, I want my Burning Stuff level to hit 85 as soon as possible. So I made the decision to do beacons and was off:

Levi suggested my method...

...and Rafftank unleashed his wrath of frownies which spurred from this:

Levi warned that Rafftank's face may freeze like that!

Anyways I soon got started. The only real trouble was the cave eel. I threw out my oily rod so I had to figure out how to get the snail slime, blah blah blah, I of course JUST sold my harralander so I had to get one from Fred Lay, and then I had to actually go get it but soon enough I had all the 10 beacons filled with maple logs (I had 13k) and the highest level one lit up with mage logs just in case. Everything was set up so I grabbed spare logs, loaded up a Shelley, and was off! I met some very interesting faces along the way when I was loading them up! :P

I met with Waldo, who oddly looks like Waldo! He wasn't well hidden.

Next I met this adorable chubby faced guy who first off was one letter off from Dorry (my granny's beloved yellow lab) and secondly addressed me as "dudette" which tickled me pink:

Yeah it was funny... :P
Then I met someone who is quite possibly "A Pyro Fool" in disguise and who has obviously gone mad firemaking...
I believe in chat I remarked that fire "turns him on." LOL!

I easily lit the 10 beacons getting me these hawt gloves and a hawt ring that I didn't get a pic of.

After that, in celebration, I went to FOG and burned all my mage, yew, and a lot of my maples until I got this:

Yay!! Total 2024 :D One level closer to 85... I can do this...

I then got stupid and sold 10k maples in exchange for less than 200 mages. I'm kicking myself now... Looks like I'm gonna be fishing for some yew logs to make up the difference. *headdesk* I just want these levels as fast as possible!! *whines* I hate FM! It's sooooo boring to me, a girl who would rather do agility, rhoonkreftin, and farming above all else. :P Oh well I'm kind of in the mindset now so I see 85 coming soon and then eventually 92 for that lovely adze. :D I just looked, only 3634 yews to go for 85... *cries*

Good night all! Hope to get crack-a-lackin at it tomorrow...

Until next time...

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  1. Cariad! Go do lamps in Dorgesh-Kaan! 1k per lamp. :D