Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of Real Life and Huge Stars

Wow I have been busy! Lots of recitals, concerts, recording sessions, and rehearsals hitting me at once! Oh the joys of being a music major!

I have had this theme in my head since I heard something similar played and it reminded me a ton of Mera Visi. I've been humming it ever since in many different styles. It is a very chantlike melody and I decided it might be fun to speed it up and make it a dance. So, you lucky readers get to hear it! I wrote it for 4-part trombone choir on Finale so it is just a MIDI recording but this is a little taste of something that I do outside of Runescape. I love to compose and this is one of the first times I have really written something that I love! I am considering submitting this piece to be played by our trombone choir at school. How cool would that be!

Anyways today I was on and off. I had a 3 and a half hour recording session this morning which went well (and my section leader brought donuts!!) and then worked on getting the stones for the week. I got a bunch, like cooking, craft, smiffin, and fishing and scoped stars in the meantime. I got 3 mined today and out of them 2 were big ones!

First I scoped a desert star but left too fast so I ended up looking at every spot but no star. I finally found it when I re-checked Duel and there waiting for me was a size 8! The two lads who were there (godsof fury in the monk and Moon Fang Pk with the d boots) had chanced upon it and tagged it and were so happy that I was there with my 89 mining able to mine away at it!

It was soon found by Starfind and swamped with like 30 people so I didn't even get 200 dust but oh well there were many more stars to be mined that day! I then did an Asgarnia star. It fell so I looked all over Varrock and then Lum, where it was in no spots and I thought WTF before I remembered that Asgarnia is Fally. Oops. Luckily I found it on my first stop in Rimmington. Much later, after some shopping and stuff, I did a real Misthalin star with Vandyballer which I found by Aubury's. This one was a size 7! Woot!

I was so busy yesterday that I didn't even post a blog! Yesterday a fellow canter, Willzyx, invited me to watch him pwn Dessous. Haha! It's a new tradition! Here he is with me cheering him on:

He used a high lvl water spell and pwned him in like a third the time it took for me and everyone I've watched until now. Woot! On the way there I made an amusing typo:

Like I say in here I really do type by feel and pattern but my mind is faster than my hands so if I get off by a letter weird things happen such as graveyard becoming graveywar. :P

And sometime yesterday I did an evil tree that I happened to run across and saw, with his brand new cape, iChoPWooDx! He found his post that I made after I was all like "Z0mg i totally posted ur 99 wc!"

I'm on the right in my defence cape (combatted up during a fremmy star) and he is right behind me in his wc cape. :D

Well I must go to bed as I have a concert tomorrow! I also have to get ready for an upcoming recital that I get to play in and all sorts of musical stuff. I got my RC rocks today also, so I just have the usual thieving and hunter left. Ugh... Hopefully they'll learn from the other rocks' examples and not take very long. :P Good night!

Until next time...

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