Sunday, April 11, 2010

Adventures of a Blank Canvas

From the depths of the compy comes the memory of a freshly-made account-- this one a delicate young woman with a beautiful long, purple dress and lovely, delicate, long and flowing purple hair against tan skin. Her name reflected her elegance and beauty. To the world of Runescape, she is known as Faerie Tana. She was bestowed with a great many gifts while on Tutorial Island and emerged in Lumbridge in the know about such skills as Woodcutting, Firemaking, and Cooking. Her dream was to be like the faeries and playfully go all over Runescape learning the art of magic and fairy tales.

When did it all change???

Suddenly, Faerie Tana looked at herself- her hair, her clothes, her skin. She was not satisfied. She had awoken in Draynor after a long hibernation and found herself thirsty for a change. She ran to Lumbridge, her 1 agility causing her run to give out long before she got there, and went to investigate The Blood Pact. She found her 6 Strength and 9 Attack quite helpful and quickly got started. She let the first guy, the ranger, go but she killed Caitlin, the chick who maged her. From then on she was forever changed. With several new levels and many new weapons in hand, she set off for an adventure.

First off, some quests! A very helpful and kind Fred Lay dropped by and offered her full steel armour and lots of tuna. She was very grateful and vowed to get 5 Defence so she could wear it! She then ran around like a headless chicken doing Cook's Assistant until she finally found everything and all was well. Woohoo, 3-5 cooking with 2 xp until 6! Bam! Next, it was time to shear some black wool and have fun with the penguin-sheepthing in Farmer Fred's pen. Yay, 2k coins! Finally, she could show the world her true colors.She ran past Falador to the Makeover Mage. She nervously handed him 3,000 of her hard-earned (and some donated by Fred Lay) coins and held her breath as he immersed her into a foul-smelling potion. When she arose from the depths of the bath she was changed. Her skin, once a light tan, was now as dark as it could be. She smiled, thanked the makeover mage, and skipped over to the Falador hair salon where she changed her purple, flowing hair to a lighter and more rocker-like pink with purple highlights. As the stylist was cutting away she told him that pigtails with a fringe was the way to go! He happily obliged and soon her transformation was almost complete! She had the look going on! She then decided to get the Fancy Boots from the stronghold of security.

She made her way to Barbarian Village and climbed into the tunnel. On the way she was attacked and successfully beat a highwayman and got herself a nice cape! Once down she decided to kill some goblins and get 5 Defence. Well, as sour luck would have it, before long, she died! D: Oh no! She was back in Lumbridge! She ran as fast as her legs could carry her and made it halfway before her energy gave out. She felt defeated but arrived at her grave with 16 seconds to spare! Yes! She demolished her grave and.... oh.... Her stuff all disappeared. D:

Not terribly saddened by the loss of her hard-earned cape, she killed a goblin and got that 5 Defence! She then made it to the center of that level and the next and got a nice reward. However things again went sour and she died on the 3rd level right out of the entrance! Awww poo! There goes her 2500 coins. She had to do better than that! She then got her steel armour and hurried back to the stronghold. Third time's a charm, right? Plus that steel armour looks hawt!
She easily made it to the center of the first level and was greeted with a beautiful chest.

After checking the map, and with tuna in hand, she finally arrived, alive, at the 2nd room!

Here was the hard part- she had to get past things that could hit her 110 life points in one hit! She again looked at the map and after some darn near misses made it to the center!

Yay!! There it was, a beautiful chest with 5000 gold coins was hers! She then went to the 4th floor which looked deceptively easy and headed off. Suddenly, an ankou attacked. Run!! She got hit pretty hard and had barely any life points to spare! Just get through the door! Run through it! Did you make it? Yes!! She made it!! She- oh wait... she got hit... her health is 0... Noooo she died!!!! A third time!!! She awoke in Lumbridge, her tuna and scimitar gone. Feeling dejected, she hung her head and slowly walked north past the Draynor Manor and decided she'd better beef herself up before trying for those coveted fancy boots. She may be a rebel, but she was a rebel who was too weak for the perils of adventuring.

"This must turn lots of people off from combat," she sighed to herself as she watched her grave tick down to 0, with nothing she could do about it but hope someone would bless it. As it hit 0, she decided it was time to go to school. She headed up to the much safer stronghold of player safely. At least she knew she wouldn't die here!

Finding herself locked out, she had to turn to her sly side and sneak in through the jail cellar entrance. She wandered around trying to remember a lever and a chest. She faintly had a memory in her mind from somewhere about how it worked... like she had done it before, but had green hair... and flippers... hmmmm.... Aha! Found it! She pulled the lever and then ran around some more trying to find the chest. After a good five minutes there it was!

Woohoo!! 10k coins, hawt gloves, 1k in lamps, and a new emote! Faerie Tana felt like she had hit the jackpot! She knew just what to use these lamps on- the beefing up of her hitpoints! It paid off in a huge way too:

Yay! Her constitution skill had gone from 11 to 15 with the rub of two lamps! Fireworks everywhere! Combat level 10! Total level 75 milestone! Hooray!! Faerie Tana felt significantly better and was much more confident in getting to that cradle of life: more money that she wouldn't lose, and of course the fancy boots!

However! First she made her way to the classroom and sat in on the lessons.

Even rebels have to learn things!

She now had the money to change her base clothing in Varrock. She traded in her purple top for a hawt green shirt that showed off her muscular arms and her long purple skirt for a hip, short green one. Her look was complete! As she went home for the night she felt ready- ready to get those fancy boots, ready to face the quests that came her way, and ready to try her hand at PVP!!!


Yes, I played on one of my other accounts today. I've been getting into it lately with everyone creating pures and the like. I must say freeplay is a whole different ballpark and it's very foreign to me. It's been fun though and MAN is the game hard for new players! I remember getting the fancy boots many years ago and I never came close to dying. And you had to answer questions on the doors to get past. And my boyfriend (Lack Of Pie) led me through it. Oh the memories!
Anyways today before I played around on Faerie Tana, I spent another couple hours at the penguins trying to get that blasted hunter rock. Finally, finally FINALLY I got it!!!!! Took long enough! The very good news was I had gotten like... over 100k xp just from box trapping stuff and was now 13k from 77 hunter!!! This was excellent news, as I had no motivation to get 77! I headed over to my very favorite "ornj sallies" and before long I had it!

Woohoo!!! Grenwall time!!! Why else does this excite me? because now I can pot up and catch ruby harvest flutterbies barehanded!!! I'll have 80 in no time with this kind of xp!

Of course I headed out and, along with Kitt Fox, was catching flutterbies right and left! They are so dang hard to click on but the animation is oh-so funny! With practice I'll get much better at clicking them and not running all over because of the lag.

After a bit of that I decided to go do my blue dragon task. I've carved about 30 dragons of 195 now but don't feel like fighting them right now which is why I played around on Faerie Tana. Can't wait till tomorrow when I get to add the hunter stones and finish my 4th statue and run agility with W46ATAT and hopefully get close or at 13.4m! :D Oh yeah and I am about 75k from 14m Defence xp so I am training def mode. Man I hit a lot of 0's!

Hooray for skills!!

Until next time...

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