Friday, April 9, 2010

More Burning

Today I decided to try for 83 firemaking after FINALLY finishing my nech task! I have 195 blue dragons up next! Yaaaay!! Hello 75 prayer! During a farm run I found a honey badger pouch on the ground and summoned it. It's sooooo cute and kept me company when I lit fires all alone in the FOG lobby.

How can you say no to a face this cute!! :-3

I got bored of that and decided to spice it up a bit. Seeing the 43 magic pyre logs in my bank, I thought it would be a great time to kill some lvl 120 shades and burn them and get cool prizes! I managed to do it all in one go and soon was on my way burning the shades!

I got 35k in just coins from them. Sweet! I then looted the silver chests and got all sorts of other great goodies like noted mage logs, 3 fine cloth in a row, and as usual addy spears, black platebodies, and power amulets.

I wonder what I'll get!

Wewt clue emote stuff!!

I am now up to 7 pairs of addy legs. I may try for 100 and then sell them, along with 100 rune full helms. :P

After all that and burning all the yews, mog, and teak logs that I had in my bank, I got it!

Oo a new beacon to light up!

In other news today I learned of the super crashing of hexcrests so I bought one for mid at 700k and made myself a full slayer helm! Woohoo! I had to go to Pikkupstix, get it un-enchanted, and then add the part, re-enchant it, and then finally charge it to make it my favorite white color. It'll look sweet with my Bandos armour!

Also, after much perseverance, Merchy got her agile legs!! Woohoo!!!!

We celebrated with a jig. :P

I leave with you a pic of an emote line tonight in the GE. It was a lot of fun and we had quite a few capes at one point.

Good night everyone! Probably gonna get the last of my stones for the week tomorrow... I have hunter and thief still and probably another but I don't know which. I got the farm one done today, woot! Plus I planted and got lots of herbs off the snap, irit, 2 avantoe, and lantadyme that nechs drop. I also got a clue scroll from them that I want to do before my dragon task. Woop woop!

Until next time...

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