Monday, April 12, 2010

New Skill Fun

Woooooot! New skill!

I decided to go ahead and run agility in the morning and work on the new skill after school. It was sad, there was nobody at w46 for the longest time! :-( Even then only about 4 people from the clan showed up. I got my two stones quickly and got a pretty cool pic:

I am now like 5k from 13.4m agil xp. I was going to get it but I forgot! :P

Anyways I was a little cautious about trying the new skill because like every new skill it's soooooo overwhelming and takes a while to learn everything. Dungeoneering, eh? Me and a RL friend, ShazenDeRott, spent our bus ride home looking up the stuff on his phone and marveling over the cool shields and armours. *drooools!* I was going to wait but Nezantra and Vandyballer got me to play with them and the three of us stumbled our way through. They'd done the early stages before and helped me figure out what to do.

First off here's my stats as they were the moment I saw the update. As you can see i had just used Enex as my defence is 112. I finished off my war tortoise this morning before running agil at my blue dragon task.

All right! Time to tackle this skill!!

I arrived in the land of Dungeoneering! I'm sad that I have to go nood... No flippers for this skill :-(

I arrived at the central lobby place to fine quite the commotion! I found Nez and Vandyy and we were off!

I was designated as the mage. Cool with me! I slowly learned about selling stuff and getting items, etc etc and am sad that I can't craft my own bloods yet. :-( Soon, soon! I'll be getting 76 rc with penguins this week so 77 will come very soon indeed! :D

We make a great team!

l-r me, Nezantra, Vandyballer

I ended up getting 5 lovely levels and while I'm totally not sure what that means yet it's pretty exciting! I have condensed it for easier blogging purposes:

Woot! Like I said I'm not quite sure what it all means yet but it's fun! As for my thoughts on the skill, it really is more of a minigame to me but before long it will be a solid part of Runescape and we won't remember a time without it. It's a lot like Legend of Zelda but with a Runescapian twist, which I love!! I can't wait until I have some good time to spend going through the rooms, getting keys, and solving puzzles and fighting bosses! I want that 99 def shield! Yesss!

After the other two had to go I left and went farming, but not before experimenting with some new looks. I caught this pair meeting each other for the first time (I think) and you can see a rare glimpse of a very dark tan which I promptly got rid of. :P


Well I am tired and I have stuff to do tomorrow so I better go... Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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