Friday, April 23, 2010

Dani Dungeness and Stones

Today I set off to get more of the strange rocks taken care of. I am at the levels where I can easily get all the pairs in a week and I LOVE the xp and training incentives so it's what I'm really into at the moment. Man what will I do when it's over? I am very close to several levels now, only another week or so! :D

Anyways there was a star which brought even Merchy! I haven't seen her in forever! She invited me to run a dungeon or two. I said no, but then thought eh why not and went anyway. We ended up having a great time!

I did 2 dungeons. The first one was with 4 people (in the pic after we defeated the boss, l-r, Arcty, Merchy, B'Daddy, and me) and then Arcty had to leave so the three of us did another one. It was great fun even though I was pretty much wandering around. We got that icicle boss both times and he pwned me. :P I spam clicked everything in my inventory and actually me and the boss died at the same time in the 2nd dungeon. Haha! It was epic!

The fish on the table made me LOL, because they are making the "o.O" face at me!

I leveled up to lvl 6! I am sitting at 10xp from lvl 7... Maybe I'll try to solo one tomorrow...

While down there I thought about how much the rooms remind me of the Meiyerditch houses and basement. It was pretty sweet! Plus, I realized that I could "roleplay" down there! I am now Dani Dungeness and I am exploring her pre-Dragon Dodger times. Woot!

After that I got some homework done and then returned to get stones. I first set off for the other smiffin stone and got it. Then it was time for fishy. Vandyy joined me for a bit and I got them both! Then I cooked all my monks there and got the cooking stones. Yay! I now have enough monks for my Wyvern task. I then lit rows of fire for about 30 minutes until I finally got that 2nd fm stone. I was going to chase after the 2nd herblore stone but I decided to run agil with Dr Lepage (Agile Lep) instead. It was so fun and I haven't done Barb since I got 99!

There he is, AFK in all his glory! :P

Luckily everyone there was smart enough to realize I was going for stones and didn't ask "Drrrrr why are you still runnin agil u got 99 *snort*" So happy you can get stones here now! It really didn't make sense that you couldn't to start... I got one and spent an hour trying for the other with no luck. However I did break 13.5m xp which is OWNAGE! :D

I had to log out because it was midnight! Hopefully the stone will come quickly tomorrow and I can move onto hunter. I think I need fletch and hunt left, besides agil...

Anyways I leave you with this pic I took at the Coal Trux star I did earlier. It's me and my daddy!

Like father like daughter! Or is it the other way around? :P We look so grown up!

Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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