Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hiscores March

Well another month has come to a close and my has it been impressive! Today was a very productive day as well!
I started off by running some agil with W46ATAT, because I still love to run and was out to hit 13.3m xp. I did it, and now beat Gertjaars in agil!! Woop woop! I got some great pics of the team in action as well:
We got three lined up in synch... in synch with two more ahead! It looks so cool! Even cooler is that I am in the middle. :P

A cool perspective of an agil emote barrage. It's double decker!!

After that I set off for a lonely journey of getting 85 Woodcutting. I was determined that the elder I nurtured yesterday would be my last I had to pass up. I got right to work wearing my hawt lumberjack and slamming my axe into Yanille and Falador wall.

It took a long time...

...and I looked deformed not in flippers...

And I took 2 breaks to chase down 2 stars. I was at the finders spot for both of them! I missed the tag for the Mos Le Harmless...

...but was all alone and eagerly tagging the nice size 7 Lletya star. Woot!!!

I took a short break to drop by new(ish) blogger Antduf's 18th birthday party to wish him a very merry birthday... :D

I then returned to the ivy until.....


Yay!!! I can now officially chop every evil tree I come across!!! :D

I decided to celebrate by going to one of the most feared, dangerous, and all-out treacherous places in all of Runescape, in order to get a quick mining level. Armed with safe-mode and uber, uber low detail, I was ready to plunge into the depths of the Lag Cave.

It was absolutely nuts, as usual. Enlarge the pic to see what I mean. The guy in the range cape to my left (I'm up front in the green chompy hat) is my friend Bridled Ruin. He's working on 99 fishing. :D

Finally I had my level and got the heck out of there!!!! Just for fun, here's a compare for what I normally play in and safe mode.

SAFE MODE (very low graphics)

Pretty big difference! :D

Anyways after that I went to the edgy furnace, which I have named "Y Ffwrnais" and got to work smiffin/amuletizing all my gold, ores, etc. I got the smiffin stones easily for the first time and got 1 crafting stone so I bougth some dhide and got a sc needle and went to town. Finally I got it! Woot!

While I was in the midst of my furnace time I saw roots pop up so I ran over to the monastery of course where, WOOOOOOOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!!!, I came across an elder!!!!!

First one!! :D And on the same day that I got 85!!!! :D:D:D

I was obviously very happy and got pics of me taking swings at it. :D Now I need 85 fm so I can burn it. Heh heh...

In the last few minutes before bed I did a farm run and got the 2nd stone. I then went in search of the herblore stones, which seem to come only from Super Strengths, and in my quest for the stones got 77 herblore!! Woot!!!!

I got the stones as well! :D

I then turned in 5 pairs of stones to the statue, netting tons of free xp. I'm sooo close to the 100m total xp mark!! Just con, thief, and hunt remain for this week and I have until Monday to find them. :P

So, here are my official hiscores for March!!!

Impressive! I got two 99's and am working towards 80+ all. It won't be too hard now and I may be able to do it in April. My goals for next month include 95 craft, 80+ all, 85 firemake, 80 ranged, beat Nomad, 90 mining, and perhaps 85 Slayer. :P

Before I go, I have several funnies from today. As if this post isn't long enough here is more to make you laugh!

Another beautiful moment by the comedic genius who is Levi... Ferus (Sacrosanct) was at Barrows getting terribly loots from the chest...

Congratz somi on finally getting a huge swordfish!!!

Peeky always has something funny to say even when he's not happy. :P

Another Levi-ism. We were talking about how dumb Entertainment Tonight is and how celebrities are overrated. I then told of how I was more excited to meet a pen pal than to meet a celeb, leading to an interjection by Levi. Whoa, Brad Pitt is his pen pal in addition to Zezima being his dad!

Good night everyone. :P

Until next time...

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