Monday, March 1, 2010

Goal Unexpectedly Met

Whoa! What a day! I did my share of running of course and even ran with W46ATAT for a bit before school. Next time I go there I'll have an agility cape on! :D

I guess I'll cut to the chase with the huge news of the day. Never did I imagine that it would happen this soon. :D Let's back up... So 2 weekends from now is double xp weekend. Everyone's heard about it by now. I plan to cook, seeing as I want 99 cook on my birthday. However, in a panic, EVERY SINGLE SKILL ITEM on the face of Runescape has been bought out. It's crazy! Magic seeds won't buy, herbs are flying off the shelves, people everywhere are scrambling for summoning ingredients and charms, and bars and ore that once lay dormant in the GE are now bought up in an instant! It's crazy!

Well, with this inflation of skilling stuff came something else- the crashing of armour. It seems like everyone is selling their expensive gear at the moment to fund their crazy weekend of skilling. I've been eagerly watching the price of all the really expensive stuff, the stuff I have been hoarding for, drop by the millions. As I was running I heard Boombaye1 exclaim that he accidentally put in his offer for a DFS on minimum and it sold instant. 32m. You can probably guess what happened next.

I was off to the GE faster than ever! I had 28.7m sitting in the bank. All I had to do was find 3m somehow! I grabbed every skill-like item I could and put them up for sale. Logs! Ore! Bars! It got me to 29m. I was so close! All I needed was 32m! I tearfully (ok not really) threw my blessed spirit shield into the GE and of course it wouldn't sell. I frantically looked to see if I had anything of value that would sell instant in the bank. My eyes searched the bank and something caught my eye: my 34k pure essence. I bought 62k a while back for 9m and had long since profited all of it back. It was pure profit now and I knew that with the recent demand for pure essence for all the double xp runecrafters I'd make enough to bridge the gap for the remaining mills. I withdrew all but one and sold them. Instant sale. I now had 34m cash.

My heart began to race! I had enough for a Rawr Shield! A shield with a face!! Possibly my biggest goal of 2010 item-wise!! With shaking hands I got out hypercam, clicked record, and put all of my money in for a DFS:

I wasn't expecting it to buy. I mean, this is spendy stuff! The little bar turned green instantly. I screamed. A DFS was mine!!! I am still in shock over it! Once I got it I promptly threw it in my bank and went back to agility. LOL! Once I get 99 and the mindset wears off I'll go back to my normal rs life and it will be there, its angry face smiling at me as it greets my arm. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!! I did it!!!!!! I can now spend freely again until I make the big save for Bandos!!!!!

I'm just so happy :'D

I quickly returned to the course because real life happened tonight and I had to leave shortly after. There was what I presume to be a couple training together because they were dressed alike and were obviously half talking in a cc and half in public. Starting small talk, I asked their agility levels and the level of the other guys who were there as well on the advanced course. I love this, it's a conversation pretty much entirely in emoticons! :D

Cup 0 Joe, whose name I LOVE, and thief sniper were running the advanced with me and the other two, Opal2211 and Cloud 591 were the couple chatting away doing the regular course. It was fun! In fact I saw Cloud 591 get 50 agility and gave him a big congratz. :-)

I ran until I had to leave for school again. There was a guest trombone player who just retired from the Boston Symphony who came and gave a recital and masterclass with some of my trombone comrades. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed my time there! :-) However upon returning I was incredibly tired so I am gonna go to bed now. Under 800k to go!!

Rank: 5416
XP: 12,244,998
I am between Badgirl992 and foiling. Coincidentally I met foiling today! So cool to see him there next to me! I hope to keep in touch with him, he was nice! :-)

Until next time...

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  1. hey well idk if you check this or not but i was bored and typed in my username for rs and this popped up haha :] funny. didnt think there actually be stuff about me