Sunday, February 28, 2010

Two More Goals Crossed Off

Today, due to lots of RL happening, I wasn't able to play for long but I was on long enough to get these two awesome goals!

First comes breaking 12m!

...followed shortly by less than 1m till!!

How's this for a blast to the past! I did this very thing for Defence!

I miss the old zero sooo much!

Anyways my friend Peeky took a mud bath and caught his 2nd kingly imp and looted it. It was really his lucky day because he got a crown!! He headed over to the course to see if it's lendable (it isn't) and it was sooo cute that I just HAD to get pics!

He told me his skimmy was "nooby" but I disagree. :-)

I had no idea Peekyface could get any cuter!

We did what all noobs do when they gather and emote till we synch up! There's music coming from our hands! :o (that's Willjz in the background training for a quest I believe. He got his level and left after a few hours.) And of course, Gunnjorn as well. :-)

The Olympics are over :-( so I have moved my compy back into my ice cold freezer of a room. They were so fun to watch and thanks to them I got re-inspired to get this crazy agility level! That hockey match was epic as well! What a way to close!

Rank: 5428
XP: 12,035,096
I am between Hollowjohn and Hadley123456.

BTW I posted the official invite on the top of my blog. Woop woop!

Until next time...

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