Monday, February 8, 2010

Cool New Updates!!

Wooooot!! Music! Music! Music!!!! Playlist!!!!! I set right to work organising 12 special songs that will now play 99% of the time. :-)

Oddly enough, I was talking about my favorite musics just yesterday! I even did a little wiki research on my favorite RS song (Back to Life) and found that it's actually unlocked after Contact and not Spirits of the Elid! Who knew!! Apparently it replaces "City of the Dead" as Sophanem's main theme. I knew those two songs were related but I had no idea that I've only had that song since June... Mind. Blown.

I love this update so much! I only with that we could have multiple playlists and more than 12 songs in one. Also, they took away the loop button! Nooooo!! I hope they put it back! I listen to specific songs during tasks such as Sound of Guthix for Rhoonkreftin and Tune from the Dune for scabarite tasks. Plus, Back to Life is my good luck song for Dusties. :P

Oh yeah, and Wyrms were introduced too. :P Of course I had to be more excited about the music more than this but I am still pretty stoked about these! A couple of my friends have gotten them already and apparently they can hit a double 30! O.O My dad went to watch Merxese fight them and got hit for 60. Apparently that was actually a bug. LOL!

Speaking of bugs, there were more than plenty after the day's updates! I'm not too worried, as it will calm down soon enough. I noticed the first when I wielded my whip:

Notice anything odd? No attack style is selected!

I unfortunately had living rocks, and not Wyrms, so I took 5 bunyips, a pick, excalibur, and a summon potion to the lonely depths of Falador. I shouldn't say unfortunately, as this is the perfect way to get addy ore, which I need badly to make ruby bolts.

I forgot a slayer gem so I was down there not even knowing how close I was to done. Finally after what felt like forever I was done and on my way to Kuradal, hoping for this new creature. I got blue dragons. Woohoo!! This task will most likely get me both 89 craft and 74 prayer! Yippee!! I got loads of addy and mith ore, plus mounds of gold, silver, and coal, tons of charms, and every normal gem at least once from rocks today. I even got a random and got a toof half of a key, so I got a free glory too!

Yay!! Runes!!! :-D

I accidentally made amulets out of all my gold so I can't even make the glory yet. Whoops! Oh well gold is easy to get. I spent the rest of the evening smelting my ores into bars to get that smiffin up! I'm 50k from 81!! While in the bank I saw someone with the new Staff of Light already! He apparently got it himself from a drop! o.O He was even so kind as to step aside for a picture :P

It looks so lovely! Almost like a SGS... Thanks "Ba Donka Don" for sharing :P

As with every major update there are random bugs and glitches that happen. For most people, their friends lists died. Mine was not spared from this and so I spent my time not knowing who was on. That is, until Twi logged in. He had changed his name to "IEat Sammich" and I looked at my friends list. What I saw was so funny and epic that I of course had to get pics!

Look Twi! You're on world "*@$@*&%$*@$^@$#!#_!!!"

The day ended with some smiffin of bars with Birdo as my trusty companion.

It's time for bed but tomorrow I plan to get loads of feathers for all the bolts I made and then do my slayer task as I am dangerously close to 89 craft, 74 pray, and also 81 smiffin. :-) I might even level combat, who knows!

Until next time...

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