Monday, February 22, 2010

Them Helpful Penguins

Today was a pretty low key day of lots of running. I did manage to do about a half an hour of running with W46 ATAT before school though, which was great!

I invited all of Canting to go with me, as Gnome is accessible to all, and a couple people, notably TheArcturus1 and Dr Leviathan came to run. Actually, Levi beat me there and no sooner did a lap or two go by that he once again silently did something hilarious.

He dressed like me!! XD

Like, down to the flippers, cutlass, satchel, defence cape, even a stole! He even got a green chompy hat as well!! I love it!! :D

This is what W46 looks like when the agile clan/guild is doing their run time. This was pretty early on but you'll always see people by the flowers cheering everybody on, saying hello to everyone they see, spinning bullroarers, doing their agility emotes, playing with toy horseys, and after the run time is over advertising their clan... plus tons more!! It's loads of fun! Pictured behind me is Minminpu, the leader of W46 ATAT (who also wears flippers!! :D) and Levi behind her. I didn't catch the names of the other two but they are members of W46 ATAT.

I then left for school and upon returning didn't do much but run, as usual. I'm loving this barehanded imp catching!! I saw a nature imp when running gnome and after shouting "nat imp!!" realized that I could catch it! I ran over and yoinked a harralander seed from the air! Woohoo!!!

After a time I decided to go do the penguins, as they reset tomorrow. They were all in really easy areas and there were no wildy pengs so it didn't take me too long. I cheated, I used the xp on agility. :P

As always, a huge thanks to the people dedicated to world 60 tracking/trapping/assisting of the penguins. You do so much for a lot of people!

After all that I was back to the course where I got a bit more xp done. Fred Lay dropped by for a visit and made an arrow out of fires and cheered me on as I ran past! :-)

I ran some more and then had to leave a little early so that I could get some real life things done (i.e. shower, go to bed early, etc...). Hopefully 97 will sizzle its way into my stats tomorrow!! :D

Rank: 5562
XP: 10,452,081
I am between Pcnerd06 and Rawr Cheeky
According to Zybez, only 3,487 laps to go for 99 :-)

I am really rockin!! Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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