Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Agility Goals Met

As I will be doing pretty much nothing but agility for the next few weeks I'm not going to blog about my amazing epic adventures every day. I'll probably write other posts about not what I'm doing and might not blog every day. I am gaining insane amounts of XP right now, like 200k+ today! I have gotten almost a million xp since I jumped back into it, which was just a few days ago. :D

Let's see what I did today...

Boom!!! I broke 9 million!!! Not pictured, but less than an hour later, I got down to 4m till and reset the objective so that the progress bar will now go off a number I can remember. :P Oh boy oh boy I'm so close now!! Nothing except a mental block can stop me now! Boy am I glad my cooking idea didn't work out!

My new plan now is to get a million xp a week and then stop at about 50k till 99 and do some slaying or something. If I can, I might try to cook my way to 98. On my birthday, I plan to throw a house party first of all and get really drunk (my RS character of course) and then epically die in my dungeon with some friends. After that, I'll get everyone to rub the glory and head on over to Brimhaven where I will level to the lovely 99 by walking the plank. Then I'll head up, get my cape, and head off to my favorite minigame ever, Trouble Brewing. LOL, I went there after 99 Defence as well! Then if I managed to get my cooking to 98 I'll play some games and hopefully randomly level to 99 Cooking. That would be epic!

Of course, this will only happen if I don't get impatient and level early! :P

OK I have some homework to finish so I leave you with some stats:

Agility level: 95
Rank: 5795
Total XP: 9,049,775
Who am I between? Kylea6 and Ultimateman

Good night all!

Until next time...

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