Thursday, February 11, 2010

Level Trio

Woooo what a day! I literally have 11 skills that are 100k or less from leveling so I've been hard at work getting levels and therefore getting closer to my golden total. :-)

I started off this morning with doing a bit more of my blue dragon task. I got a few loads in before school and when I came back I was ready for some more dragons!

I had a tortoise with me this time (thanks to somi for selling me a bunch of shells a while back!) and got to work killing about 17 or so a load before running back to Zanaris to bank. While I was on my task somi got blues too so he joined me and we slayed together!

And hopefully he enjoyed my singing...

There were three of us in there at one point. I'm in the middle, somi is on the left, and this guy named The Gaffled is on the right. I mistook his cooking cape for a slayer cape. :P

After my task was over I excitedly filled Shelley with dragon bones and headed for my house to get 74 pray! ....I got Leo'd.

Ugh... That was really bad timing... I had to bank 5 of my bones so I could examine the weird bodies for atrefacts and what not...

Luckily I can do this random pretty quickly and before long it was done and I was on my way.

Shelley was a huge help in getting this done super quick and on only 8 Marrentill. I love how blues drop marrentills more than any other herb! It's like they're asking me to g-altar my bones! About 2/3 of the way through my bones, I got that lovely level:

Wewt!! I can leech attack now! Oh how I will love using this in soulwars and SC!!

After that I was off to Alkarid getting my hides tanned and ready to go. I found a proto tool in my bank and had a tool with like 89% charge which was perfect for the 75k I needed! I made all the blue bodies and it wasn't enough so I sold them on the GE and kept buying black leather, made bodies, sell, repeat. Using this method I spent maybe 100k but finally got this:

Yay!! I'm almost tempted to push for 90 but I don't wanna spend any money until I have a DFS!

Whew!! That brought my level to 1982! After that it was back to the clubhouse where I had about 25,000 greater demons to kill and an attack level to get! Now I have been pretty good about keeping my att and str as even as possible but all that hand-fishing I did threw off the balance by 20k so back on my rock task I set my whip on attack for about 3 kills to get them even again and forgot for about 100 monsters. Whoops. I was 30k till after using shared on dragons so I just decided to go ahead and get that attack. Turns out it was a good idea:

Woohoo!!!! I leveled combat!!!!! I wasn't expecting it until after I got 84 strength but I guess that pray and range level I got helped knock it over! I was pretty excited. :P What was extra cool was the guy that was at greaters with me noticed my level change. After a couple minutes I hear, "Did you just level combat?" I said yes and secretly was so excited that someone would pay attention and notice. :-) I didn't catch his name but I thought that was pretty awesome!

And, when I was doing my endless task, fellow Canter JJ IS ONLINE got greaters too and we slayed together until I finished.

My total level is 1983 now and will continue to rise! I'm going to do something special for my golden total but probably not too special. LOL! I went to get my new task hoping for wyrms and got 210 warped tortoises. How can I say no to that! Woohoo!!! I was too tired to go on but I look forward to that task. :-)

Well it's time for bed now. I wonder what I'll level tomorrow! ;-) Hunter is pretty close. So is fishing. Smiffin will fly by but I need a tool first. Thieving will be pretty fast at PP and magic will be greatly helped with the circus. Strength will come easy with this task even with the whip on shared and I'm actually pretty close to 83 slayer already as well! And of course there's Rhoonkreftin, which is very close to 74 and firemaking is at 104k till so if I really get desperate I can go burn like 2k maples and be done with it. I told you I was close to a lot of levels!

P.S. Ed The1 Mage wanted a mention in my blog today so here it is!! :-) :-D

Until next time...

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