Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Remember When...

I've been playing Runescape for nearly 4 years now and there's lots that I remember. Here's just a small list of a few of those for your enjoyment. May you laugh or be amazed by things you may have remembered or are just learning: :P

  • The first new quest I remember coming out was Elemental Workshop 2. I started it that day, got stuck, and it sat unfinished for over 2 years before I finally sucked it up, re-grabbed the supplies, and did it.
  • There was no GE. If I wanted to get 100 tuna for a cook level I had to fish those babies all on me onesie. Screw training, I couldn't get anything! Full Guthix Book? No clue how to get one. In fact, I remember where I was the exact moment I learned about the GE. It was upstairs at the computers of my boyfriend's work. LOL! I played RS up there while he was around the corner playing Guitar Hero.
  • 100k was RICH!!! My first 100k was a gift from my dad because he had 200k and I didn't have 100k yet so I made him give me his money. I was too cheap for full rune so I had a rune chain, med helm, longsword, and skirt. Hehe. There were no trade limits, so my dad gave me his dragon hatchet so that I could take a pic with it, just 4 days before the trade limits came out. Thanks to lending I can do that again. :-)
  • You couldn't craft blood runes. In fact, I don't remember ever owning a blood rune until I was a high enough slayer level to kill things that dropped them. My first experience with blood runes was when I got 60 mage (again at my boyfriend's work. :P) The first thing I did was go to the new GE and get 200 bloods then get my Guthix cape. :P
  • My noob outfit fresh off Tutorial Island included purple pigtails and a purple shirt and skirt. No pictures of that day remain. I changed my hair to dreadlocks, straight, and spikes because a witch hat looked really weird with those pigtails.
  • There was no chivalry or piety. The highest prayer there was happened at pro melee. I was so excited I had all prayers unlocked!... then knights wave came out. :-( It would be a few years before I finally achieved 70. That was a great day! :D
  • The party room was in Seers and therefore only available to members. And bankers didn't shout stuff like "800m drop in 5 minutes!!" AND they were on every world!
  • I logged in one morning and surprise!! Hunter was released. It would be months before I trained it and even more months before I found the hunter expert who sells the cape. I never really got into hunter until I could catch Pawya, and even still it's my lowest because it doesn't really help me train other skills so I only do it when I don't wanna do anything else. BTW I remember when Pawya and Grenwall were released. I thought "Man I'll never be able to hunt them... They're in those blasted elf lands!"
  • There were no skillcapes. Also maxed cb people were rare. Seeing a lvl 126 was like seeing the king. And Zezima was #1 in hiscores.
  • Making pie dough sucked soooo bad. You had to click the bucket on the flour and click pie dough, click enter, and then.... REPEAT!! AUGH!!! But I did it. When the make all button for pie dough came out I was the happiest person ever!! Same for cheese... One at a time...
  • I remember when skillcapes did come out, the one I wanted most of all was Agility for the cool emote. I even took a picture dreaming of it. I never thought I'd ever obtain that goal but still went to brim every so often to add a little more to the unimaginable 1k tickets for a free 350k xp.
Well, today I did something that was unreal back in that day... the day I first saw the agility emote... Theat dream was revisited back in September, although with a different drive. Today, I got level 98. o.O

HOLY CRAP!!!!!@!*#(!#%! I cannot believe my eyes and my body and my mind!!!!! Nowaiiiiii do I srsly have 98 agiliteeeee!!!!!!!!!! What was once a dream is about to become a reality!!!!!!! Let me sleep on this to take it all in!!!!!

Today was INSANE!!! It started with me sleeping in and then going CD shopping to try and find a CD of the song, Adiemus . I looked in 3 places and never found it. :-( However, on the first stop, I found the Riverdance CD. Woooot!! I bought it of course and now have Lord of the Dance to agilify to along with the rest of the awesome music to make videos with! :P I got home and ordered Adiemus from Amazon and it should be here in time for me to use it to make my 99 video. :D

In keeping tradition from my 98 Defence video I made a repeat for my 98 Agility. This time, instead of leveling at zombies with a lamp I leveled off the roof (like so many of the levels) and was accompanied by fellow canters Fred Lay, Ultra Man 0, and Dr Leviathan (who got 90 agility today woot!!).

What started with me filming the music from the Defence levelup has spurred a tradition I want to keep. :P If you wanna see this defence video click the smiley face: :-) By the way I made a previous agility level up vid that sucks but is funny and can be seen here. I miss my quest cape :-(

Today was absolutely insane, running-wise. I shattered any previous record by gaining 395,835 XP. Among that time I had a skype conversation with CJ, Xela King, and somisareg which was a lot of fun until it kind of went downhill. :P We chatted about Pest Control, bosses, and a whole lot of other stuff and had a great time. :-) My dad was on his laptop in the dining room and was LOLing at about everything funny that was said. :P There were also a ton of people without mics listening in, such as Arcty, Cossack, and Raven.

There were some funny things said today as well:

It sucks to be a little too slow in digging up a farmed tree... LOL!

My interpretation of Twitter... Been there, tried it, I'm too wordy. :P

I finished the night out with Twi doing a Crandor star. BTW he is blogging again! Wooot!! I was telling people my xp till 99 and saw this as my xp:

Woot! 11.9 baby!!

OK now for the party details!! I'll post something up top as well but I am planning Brimhaven Agil Arena at 7am Mountain time (GMT -7). The early hour is due to the fact that my dad has Special Olympics Skiing Coaching Practice on Saturdays at leaves at about 8-ish. I plan to walk the plank for 99 which will trim my cape, get my Cape-With-A-Guy-On-It, and then play Trouble Brewing!! Not sure on the world yet but it'll probably be 104 so that we can go right to Mos Le Harmless. :P

Off to bed now, to let the realization that an actual goal I had nearly 3 years ago about to come true sink in. :-D

Rank: 5430
XP: 11,902,240
I am between: Cali Mark and Bib User.
Only about 1529 laps left!!!

Until next time...

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