Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ninety Six :D

I guess the really big news from today was this!!!!!:

Oh. My. Gosh. I was lvl 95 for a total of 4 days. At this rate I'll have 99 in like... 20 days or less!! o.O I logged out just short of 10 million xp because it's getting late and I want to go to bed a little early... :P

Today I took a break after leveling to go shopping and scored a cute skirt. Yes, I am a girl for sure! I love shopping! :P

Upon returning I watched the Olympics whilst agilifying, and while laughing at these great gems that were said today:

On the wonderful road to 96...

Making fun of text-to-speech emoticons. :P (or should i say, "equals pee")

Gnome Restaurant Fever has swept Canting, leading to amazing quotes:

Things slowed down until Full Gangsta told Merx that a "precious" will increase the chance of a visage. LOL! I love the last few lines the most though :P
(Merch got pearls and a visage)

Then, upon logging in after I made a late run to the store, I caught this. I saw the word tongue and when I scrolled back up didn't see it so I thought I went crazy!

I love clan chats!!! Big thanks to everyone who entertained me and made me laugh today!

I was even personally visited by several people. First of all, I got to meet Zoorhana in person for the first time! :D

Twi joined me for a little bit before leaving for a star. He's so close to being able to go to living rocks and mine!! After a quick discussion in Canting about which capes are white, and arguing over whether Con is white or tan, my friend Fat Poison came by and ran a few laps until I left for bed.

You may remember Fat Poison from **This Post**. I found him a few weeks after that pic, in his new agility cape, in Varrock West and we became pretty good friends. :P

Also there, totally by surprise, to say hello to me were Zoorhana and Full Gangsta. :-)

I feel so loved!!

Here are the agile stats from tonight as I leave:

Rank: 5636
XP: 9,930,195
I am between predator 003 and Wanabe Pker2
According to Zybez Agility Calculator, 4191 laps till 99!!

Here's to 10m xp coming tomorrow!!

Until next time...

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  1. Woot! Go Girl!

    *dies over the Full Gangsta comment re the airport*