Friday, February 12, 2010

Level Trio- Day 2

Woohoo!! I got another three levels today!! I started the morning off right with the circus which put me pretty close to a magic level. I did very well on agility and didn't fail a thing! Yay!!

I just love those spades! :P

After that I was off to school and when I returned and after a little bit I found myself doing what I thought was popping up at a s1 star that Merchy was at with 2 other Canters but upon arrived realized it was just them! I had no pick but since it was granite I yoinked a bronze one and made myself at home.

From L-R we have Omnivorette, Merchy, me, and Caboose 1o1.

Merchy was kind enough to give me her rune pick, as she got her dust and they all sat out, allowing me to get about 180 dust and tubby the star. :-) Thanks you three!

After that I set off to get a Smiffin level. I thought about making addy bolts but first scraped together some steel bars thanks to some iron ore I found and then made cannonballs. That got me about 10k xp and I sold the cannonballs and bought gold ore instead. About 800 gold ore later and I had it!!

Woohoo!! After that I then set off to level fishing, which is in my opinion the slowest and most annoying skill to train. Yuck. I made my way to Piscatoris where I was almost immediately distracted by my friend Lord Doom321 getting 99 Defence. :P

Here he is leveling on his cousin...

...and getting his hawt new cape, with all of us having fun with the punchbags. :P

Funny story, he kept lagging out while trying to get everyone together so I decided to go to shilo and wait, and upon climbing up the ladder came across a star! I got my pick and finished my 200 dust and got my bonus for the day. It was great!

Upon my return to f33shing, I got the captain Arnav random! :D

Finally I was in my groove and began the long long long long llllooooonnnnnggggg process of getting 60k xp. I chose monks because it seemed most logical and after a few minutes a familiar face was there!
Yay!! E Zenaku decided to hang out with me and stayed until he had to go. Shortly after he left, and unexpected as always, I got the level!!

I liked the xp till so I kept it in the pic. :P

After that was finally done, 489 monkfish later, I set off to get a mage level. I had about 800 gold bars so I turned them into amulets, getting under 500k till 90 crafting in the process. Once that was done I got to work using my lunar magic to string them all.

After about an hour of watching my purse go crazy during the animation, 787 strings later, I finally had that level, just before midnight, making it the 3rd level of the day! :D

Yay!!! 1986 total!!! 3 more levels until my golden total!!! :D

I leave with you these pictures of interesting people I saw today. First, while fishing, I saw a level 137 with an untrimmed hp cape, staff of light, and an abyssal minion. o.O

Now THAT is epic!

And, when I was in edgeville doing my amulets I found a guy named Trievta who not only had a pretty awesome green setup...

...but had a mohawk and bunny ears!! How awesome is that!!!!

I think it's absolutely adorable. I wish I could get bunny ears...

Well it is time for bed. I see hunter and thieving up on the menu for tomorrow along with some Rhoonkreftin or perhaps some Slaya? I won't know until I get there but if all goes well I'll have my golden total tomorrow. :-D I am gonna do penguins tomorrow and use on thieving to get that down a bit, as it's 86k till. Other than that it's just another fun day of powerleveling!

Until next time...

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