Saturday, February 13, 2010

Golden Total and More: Level Quad Extrordinaire!!

Wowie!! Sooooooo much has happened today!! Let's see how I can cram it into a whole post...

I started this 13 hour day with some quality hunter time in my favorite spot:

After a very short while, I had my 1st lovely level of the day, bringing my total to 1987.

I am most happy because I can now catch pirate imps with hunter potions for reals! :D

After that I headed over to Pyramid Plunder with Rafftank to knock down the 86k till that I had. I was planning on using penguins on it to get it down faster but PP ended up being quite fast today and before long I got the level I was after!!

Yay!! 1988 total and the ability to triple loot bandits! After looking at the XP, I went in for another round because I then got this....

I broke 1m xp!!! Just hunter left until I have at least 1m in all skills!! I am like 7k from that in hunter so I have no idea why I didn't just get it when I leveled. That's on my list for tomorrow. :P

Amongst the time I was in PP I....

...was alerted to a funny glitch in Peeky's chat. LOL!

...did penguins with TheArcturus1. Here we are at the WWM penguin with a mob of people all facing north and Lori Doc trapping the rock penguin there.

...found a graphic glitch with the ancient cavern whirlpool...

I even managed to find the time to call in to Aximili E I's radio show!! It was fun chatting with him even if it didn't go smoothly. :P

After I did my penguins I decided to use the points on RC instead of thieving, which ended up being a very good call. I finished up my thieving and went to Edgeville to begin the final countdown for 74 RC and therefore my golden total!! It was very exciting and many funny things happened before I even began including...

...The hilarious and painful pose I make when casting Dream. I got lots of stares and "wtf"s" from people in the bank and even got a ton of people to rest near me (but were covered with a war tortoise hence no pic of the party). All I was doing was healing my HP that I lost during those final games of PP. :P See the Zzz in the top right corner? LOL!

I also, right upon arriving, caught this gem in Canting. Don't mind the spam, I was trying to strip forgetting my inventory was full of stone scarabs...
Haha that's got to be one of the best replies I've heard all day!!

So it began... I had about 15k xp till my lovely RC level so I set to work going to the abyss. After using a calc it was apparent I only needed 2.2k deaths, which is roughly 10.5 glory teleports worth. Good thing I now have 13! Along the way to my golden total another great gem appeared in Canting, this time by our very own Merch Gwyar. :-)

It was even better live, because you got the perfect element of timing in there too, but it was too funny not to photograph!! She got a clue scroll off a Dorgesh Kaan chest (a lvl 1) and set off to do it. This awesomeness is what resulted when she got the rewards. ROFL!!!

Finally, after not too long (a lot shorter than it would have been thanks to penguins!!!), I got 74 RC and therefore my golden total.

First, my plans for the epic level and then getting the level and the resulting woots. :-)

Woot-tacular!! 2 chaos per ess now!! That may come in handy someday...

Yes, my total level is now my birthyear, thus my golden total. Woot!!!

Wow!! What was the first thing I did in celebration of getting my total the same as the year of my birth? Set off to level Strength of course! The golden total, although awesome, was not something I wanted to have sit around for long! I got geared up, sold my 2.3-ish K deaths at max for over 1m (woot 25m and then 26m cash to follow!!), bought a D Skimmy off Apeland to train Str, and prepared for my warped tortoise task. First I had to revert my saw to chimes which looked more like I was serving punch...

I sense a photoshopped pic of this in the future... :P

...and then I was off for warp torts! I had to hop a few times as there were tons of people at them on every world but I eventually found an open world and began to kill them. Loads of shells right off, yay!! I finally had to bank and upon returning someone had magically appeared. He was a really nice guy and we made great conversation while sharing the spot so I took a pic.

Thank you to Lordshadow74 for being a nice guy!

He eventually left to find a more open world and thus give me this world free so we said our goodbyes. I left to bank and every time I returned people had magically appeared. Everyone who appeared soon hopped so I was alone more than not but I was more than willing to share. Eventually my task was over and I now have like... 80 mithril ore that I can smelt and smiff with a hammer. Yay!! I got loads of addy as well. Plus the usuals...

While I was in there this funny and epic "wrong chat" occurred:

Poor Vandyballer... LOL!! WTG Isaac. :P

I think I did a star after that, soloing in Karamja. It was at the horseshoe mine (s2) and I got my 200 dust before it tubbied. The people there were all very nice which made it fun. :-)

I then went to Kuradal in hopes of a wyrm task. I was set to cancel all tasks until I got one or something I couldn't resist. I canceled about 3 or 4 times including 240+ firegiants, 200+ velds, and 120 living rocks. Finally, she presented me with 210 dagannoth. I can't say no to that! I wanted a dag task badly to get my strength higher than attack because I messed up their evenness and it's much easier for me to catch att up to str than str up to att. Plus, I was 12k from 84 Strength anyways so it was perfect!

I headed over with Vandyballer and after a couple world hops found a good world and before long I had it!
I now have *gasp!* 1990 total level. Holy cow!!! When did that happen??!?!? What in the world did I level to get that! Last I remember it was like... 1940. o.O It was getting late but my dag task was going super fast with my Balmung so I stayed until I finished and then set off to Kuradal again in hopes of a wyrm task. I'm less than 50k xp until 83 slayer too! That will come easy! I got 204 fire giants which I canceled and then, ta-da!!!!

Woop woop!!! This is first on my list in the morning. For now I should go to bed as this post has taken me 2 HOURS to write!

In other news I found out today that Timothy Gold is quitting RS and moving on to a whole new world of new and exciting things. I understand, and while I will miss his hilarious comments I wish him the best. Goodbye Tim! You were a ton of fun to have in Canting!

Good night everyone!!

Until next time...

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