Monday, February 1, 2010

End of January Hiscores

Well everyone else is doing it so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon!

I was VERY laggy so I didn't play much but I did play long enough to turn in penguin points and then sell 25 toadflax and 200 cannon shot with which I used the half-life method on grimy Kwuarms and got this:

Woohoo!! Stupid moneysink of a skill. Grrr!! I was so looking forward to a Lesko Diamond Green cape with awesome yellow trim. Oh well, even dust amassed makes a mountain, right? If I actually herbify what I grow I'll have 99 in a few years! :P

This pushed my total to the USA's bicentennial. Woop!! Here are my hiscores as of Un Sunoda, To-Tie Tie. (That's [obviously] Catin for 1 February 2010.)

I am very close (like 20k) to a thieving level so I'm going to go get that soon. I plan on pushing it over 1m xp pretty quick too. Maybe that can be a goal for this month. :P That and 1m Hunter xp for all skills at 1m xp. I love the fact that even though I have played all of 1.5 games of BA and my egg-picking got me still ranked. I almost want to get lvl 5 in everything! Then I can charge up my horn and get double agility. How awesome would that be! I need to remember to do penguins this week and use them on range to get me 78. I have 29k till the level but I hate ranging. Oo!! And the circus has reset too! OK look out for a range level fo sho!! Wow and I just noticed that thieving is my lowest skill. WHAT??? :O

In other news, I caught a ton of Snowy Knight butterflies today and then headed for Tzhaar to surprise some people. My neighbor clued me in to the fact that they heal like 15 hp and he would take them to Tzhaar and use them on people. I did and got lots of "WTF's" LOL!!! I even hopped worlds to surprise as many people as I could with my "Pie's Magic." It was a ton of fun. I might go give people strength boosts too!

I attempted to deathcraft and got through about 3 glories before the lag made me stop. Hopefully I'll have more luck tomorrow. With the new update I get between 1-5 extra deaths so it's not like it's a HUGE change to prices. They're still pretty stable which is nice. It's not like Natcrafting where I was getting like 60 runes out of 43. I'm getting like... 53 out of 50. Still, I am eagerly awaiting the big 7-5. It's so close now!

BTW if you're wondering what the "half-life method" is, it's my term for grabbing like 200k, buying raw materials, making stuff (like cooking, crafting leather, or in this case making pots), selling it back, taking that money (which will be a lesser amount) and repeat until the money finally runs dry or the desired level is achieved. It got me through the 80's in crafting and it's the reason 99 cooking only costs 3m.

I am off to bed now. I have school in the morning and am excited to go. I'll be on later, as always! :P

Until next time...

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