Monday, February 1, 2010

Questing Noob

OK, last night I had another Runescape dream... In this one I was in Zanaris (cmon update Zanaris already!!) and had apparently killed some blue goblin or something... When I took its head (eww! a repeat of Frem Isles??) to whatever fairy I was talking to she congratulated me and I quickly realized that I had found a super-secret hidden special thing in-game. Apparently the first 7 people to find this hidden update got heavily rewarded with some sort of mold (ewwww) or plant that somehow provided teleports to Zanaris or some place and could be infinitely obtained. I noticed a spirit tree here also. Strange... Anyway I was also rewarded with immunity to bee stings (??) and was given some honeycombs. HUH??? I apparently got really lucky because I was person 6/7 to find this update/event/weird thing.

Waking up from this, I hurried to my computer where I was sure there was an update waiting. Maybe Zanaris would finally get the graphic update it needs! No such luck but upon reading Merchy's blog (I check blogs and email before I play RS) learned that there was a new quest out! Oh joy joy!! Upon reading her take on it I was under the impression that it took place in the mage arena in the wilderness! I was wondering how in the world it could be a novice quest. I soon realized it was the mage training arena when I heard the word "Pizazz."

I logged in and after reading the main page and wooting over the newer trade limit and other goodies I set off to the quest site. The whole place was overrun with noobs asking questions that could easily be answered if they were smart enough to click on their quest log. Many people were just standing around waiting for someone to do the quest for them. Cmon people.... It's not hard!!!

Anyways this quest did not disappoint my love for hilarious dialogue!

Wow... Well done Clerval. LOL! Within a minute or two I was off to the maze...

Shortly after getting there a system update countdown began. Ugh. I of course got utterly lost and finally teled out and started over, upon hearing the spoiler in Canting, which was so simple I laughed. Four moves later and I was right on target. :P I did it with a minute to spare on the update.

Upon returning my graphics were all screwed up. They still are, to a point, but it'll have to do. Everything looks a little fuzzier than normal, like the screenshots that Jagex puts on the main page... The lighting was a bit off too.... Oh well it'll fix in time. I then set off to make steam runes and boy was I a nooooob! I couldn't do it! Even though I got free water/fire tallies, a binding necklace, and 10 pure ess, I kept forgetting stuff. Third trip was a charm and I got my 5 steam runes. Good riddance! I then headed off for the Mind and Body altars because I don't keep those runes in my bank and after a few minutes had all the rune I needed. I looked at the quest log and where in the heck did giving him 20 rune essence happen?? Huh??? Oh well, I have 38k, no big deal. :P

I also needed two emeralds. Emeralds.... Yeah, I had 40 and finally made them into rings, YESTERDAY. *facepalm* Sooooooo... I grabbed a pick and clapped my hands and began mining the gem rocks under Shilo and within 10 minutes had my 2 emeralds. I took everything and after having to bank because I forgot the carving tool I was in the basement looking for the blasted workbench I was supposed to enchant the emeralds on. Nothing worked! I was using the emeralds on them and there were several workbenches! I figured I needed the runes for the enchant so I got those and went back down. It was only then when I saw the workbench behind Clerval and had my emeralds enchanted within seconds. Durrrrr hurrrrr hurrrrr go Pie... I can be so oblivious sometimes...

Moving right along, I had a simple wire puzzle to complete which took all of 10 seconds. It was like those puzzles they sell at our local science center! I then had to help Clerval to craft the thing and then in a very dramatic Frankenstein-like cutscene....

...the quest was completed and I got my own little guy!

Haha he's so cute! He looks like players that wear that ghost stuff from the Christmas event so I kept confusing him for some noob following me. LOL!

After the quest I set off for Draynor to pickpocked the master farmer and replenish my allotment seeds, as they're out already! A couple full loads of seeds later I had enough and seed-bombed the GE with all the seeds I didn't want. I figure someone will want them. I found 200 onion seeds on the floor of Draynor bank. Woop woop!!

As I was picking seeds I saw Zanik for the first time since I did Chosen Commander, which was back in June!People always say she travels around but this was the first time I saw her myself.

I then left to go farming, which has been the cool thing to do for about a week now (in Pie's world that is). I planted a papaya tree last night and was eagerly awaiting it to grow. I always say Papayaya for some reason (pie-speak) and that led to this hilarious exchange:

He had me laughing IRL. :-)

I had MASSIVE success with crops... (rolls eyes)

...but other than my epic fail ardy patch I had pretty good success this run.

I leave with you this funny from last night. I convinced Peeky to do it and he did!!!

I was obviously very happy :-D

I'll probably post later tonight if anything interesting happens. We'll see how the evening goes! :P

Until next time...

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  1. Ah! No way! Epic failure at Ardy patch??? Ha ha! I'm not going crazy! It is cursed!!!