Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boring Post

Well I haven't leveled anything or taken a single pic since my last post... Did a couple stars including 2 size 8's which was always nice, chatted with friends, did 7 fires on an evil mage tree this morning before it died (Fuge let me know about an evil mage, I hopped right on it!), did a bunch of farming runs... Got pwnt by Merx in the duel arena (I love the duel arena!!)... and started my blue dragon task, which is king of draggin' along at the moment but I am gonna love the craft and pray levels that come off of it!

Speaking of levels, I am close to leveling Attack, Prayer, Crafting, Hunter, and Smithing. Woohoo! I am also less than 100k and therefore close to leveling Magic and Runecrafting as well. If I level all of those then I'll have 1987 total and be 2 away from the golden total of my birthyear!! Woop woop!!

OK I do have a picture that I'll leave you with. This happened the other day and was pretty funny :P

Merxy was talking about his jungle wyrm task and somisareg told him to check out his post for a drop log off his desert wyrm task. Merxy declined, saying his compy was too laggy to go look. About a minute later, and totally out of nowhere, he said "I only got 800 ess" which led to this funny discovery (and proved that he did go look it up, LOL!).

Good night everyone! I hope to actually level stuff tomorrow and will most likely have a good story or two! :P

Until next time...

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