Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Update on Wednesday

Well today was pretty uneventful for me... I ran agility and chatted with friends. However, this morning something awesome happened to my dad.

For the past week my laptop has been perched on the coffee table in front of the TV so that I can run agility whilst watching the Olympics, which makes agility fly by as fast as those speed skaters. :D I got up early-ish to run for a while and then left to get ready for school. My dad was still on his laptop slaying mutated bloodvelds on the dining room table. As I got up to get my jacket he suddenly yelled "D mutha f in meeeeed!!!" over and over again. (he didn't actually say the f word, lol). That phrase is an inside joke based on this epic moment of Peeky's life caught in photo:

Yes, my dad got a Dragon Medium Helm off a mutated veld. Woohoo!!! Here's the pic for proof :P

He was pretty excited and we were both laughing at the awesomeness. They're only worth like... 50k (I bought mine for 500k back in the day) but that's still ownage!

I should break 11m xp, get 50% to 99 from 4m xp, and who knows how close to 98 I'll get tomorrow! I'm feeling great and am just hanging out with my cat asleep on the couch behind me. Today she got down by actually climbing over my shoulder and down my front! LOL, silly cat! (yes I was sitting on the floor)

Rank: 5505
XP: 10,950,723
I am between snoopydk and wuzzy wessy. Nice names :P

Until next time...

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