Thursday, February 25, 2010

To 11m and Beyond!

Woot!! Today I completed my goals of 11m xp and under 2m till 99. :D I'm so close now! In another two days I should get the big 98 and be well on my way to the lovely cape-with-a-guy-on-it!!!! :D :D

I ran the course for a very long time today but managed to leave a couple times to do other things. First, I flew over to Ape Atoll to help Zoorhana get the gorilla bones for the big bumblebee gorilla suit:

After tons of bad timing we finally did it!! Go team! :D

I also left to try and buy a crown. I sold 3k coal for over 800k and used some of it to bid on a crown and after discovering toadflax seeds are crashing quickly bought up 200 of them for min. Woot! I also broke 28m! :D

I then did a farm run and got a ton of crops. I have plenty of watermelons and strawberries now... I just need 95 cooking so that I can pie them up and either sell or donate to any agilifiers in the making. Oh, and cooking apples. I got 11 toadflax from the troll patch and 10 from another! Wooot!!

I then decided that as long as I was out and about I should do the circus. I rocked on the range one nailing everything and getting 14k xp! I got about that much magic xp and 8k agility xp. Free xp rocks!

Well it's time for bed... I hope to get a lot done tomorrow... :-)

Rank: 5482
XP: 11,183,210
I am between Juharas and Dunou.

Until next time...

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