Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wyrms, Cool People, and a Good Drop

Well today started off with me doing my Junglywyyrm task. Hah, they already have a name in Piespeak!

They were awesomely colored! I very much enjoyed fighting them and after getting hit quite a few 30's got used to how to dodge, but I've become so seasoned through various quests and stuff that a 30 isn't all that high anymore.I mean, in Kuradal's clubhouse, my max is 30! I have a small video of me killing my very first junglywyyrm:

I forgot that I messed around with the frame rate so bear with me... It's about triple speed. LOL! They didn't really drop much of interest... About every other drop was a lobster or Super Defence (1). I would sip and toss at first but then started accumulating the 1-dose potions and by the end of my task had 3 4-dose potions to sell. I got lots of guam and even a ranarr plus a tarromin and harralander seed. Oh yes, and I got noted pure ess and papayayas which was exciting. :P No hexcrest though, but there will be a time when I get one, rest assured. The wyrms look like a cross between a caterpillar and a cobra. LOL! Sweet task. :-)

I met a fellow untrimmed caper with the same combat as me when I was there. :D The untrimmed Defence cape is becoming more common and I love it! Defence is a great first 99! Bigserve61 was a nice guy too, along with many other nice people including someone in full arma with elysian and the focus sight and a gal with 99 slayer and about 10 other 99's who I then had a nice chat with after my task at the MA bank with a few of her buddies. Funtimes. :-)

After that I decided to get a new task. 150 hellhounds? Woot! I then set off to at least start my farm run and headed off to Trollheim, where I promply discovered I had accidentally banked my spade. Ugh, I was "stranded" here. I could have easily teled back but I would have wasted 2 precious laws and fires. Merchy to the rescue! She gladly and kindly went up there and gave me a spade. :-) She was also in her adorable BA gear and so I got a pic.

Not long after that about half of Canting went to observe new canter, Rilkar Spine, get 99 Strength on Dalton (Capt N Abby).

I have known Rilkar Spine for a very long time as we were in Viks together. Back then he was Red X 226 so I still call him Red, and Canting has no idea who I'm talking about. :P He's the one in the WC cape and Dalton is in the boxing gloves, with people from Canting and Viks circling the ring waiting.

Gratz on the cape-trimmage and 99 Str, Red!!!

Almost immediately after that, Vandyballer died at iron dragons deep in Brim. Eek! I was off as quick as I could to try and bless his grave, but knew it would be close. I remembered a hatchet, shield, and antifire and was off and flying through the dungeon. I got there and the grave was gone. Poor Vandy thought he lost his BCP, but later found it in his bank. PHEW!!! As I was at the entrance, I came across merchy who too had tried to go and save it. I'm just glad everything was ok! You can read about his death from his perspective right ***HERE****.

After that I had dinner and upon returning, Joshua Mack was playing Temple Trekking. I was going to do agility but I decided to put it off even longer and got my lappy all set up in front of the telly so I could watch the Olympics while trying to get watermelon seeds from TT. There was nothing really too much of interest until finally I got lumberjacks and another shot at the top. I wasn't expecting much so I started killing them and they dropped something awfully red.


OMG! OMG! Oh my gosh I did it!!!!!!! Full lumberrrrjaaaackkkk!!!!!

Right when I got it, I forgot that zombies could still attack my follower. I was hootin and hollerin away and the poor Woman-at-Arms was being eaten. LOL! I had to pose with Joshua Mack before heading off to cut some ivy with my newfound outfit of awesomeness: Full lj, barrows gloves, defence cape, rune hatchet, satchel, and catspeak amulet (e). After a couple swings my dad logged in and I borrowed his herblore level to make 88 sara brews and get him 15k xp. Woot!

After that I put the clothing in my house and headed for the GE where I met a fellow untrimmed Defence caper named Telum Dei who was very nice and who I chatted with for a bit before heading off for my hellhound task.

His name is Latin for "Weapon of the Gods." I thought that was neat!

We even got the emote to synch up!

After being at hellies for about 5 minutes my dad showed up to slay them with me. :P Nothing like your dad walking in to the clubhouse saying "Let's kill things and bond!" I love having a dad who plays RS!

After a few minutes I could resist the urge no longer. I went to Dorgesh Kaan to trade my snail shells, perfect snail shell, and perfect tortoise shells to Barlak in exchange for money and some crafting xp. I then went to the GE and snelm-bombed the place. I got 2 pointy blood n' tar snelms, which are a unanimous favorite, and saw this amusing lad, clad in an elegant skirt:

His name was Zac Jarvis07 and he was the lucky quick recipient of the beautiful red and black pointy snelms. :P

After that I finally went to satisfy my burning urge and hit the agility course seriously for the first time in 2 months. I'm in an agility mood again!! Only 4.7m xp till 99! I can do this! Let's get this agility show on the road!!!

I have a very amusing post to follow. :P

Until next time...

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  1. Congrats on full lumberjack, Pie!! That is most awesome :)