Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Epic Return

Well peeps, I knew it would happen this way... I'm just happy to report that it's happened exactly according to plan! :-)

Let's back up a bit. I started for 99 Agility back at lvl 72, in the middle of September. I had such enthusiasm and because I had just gotten a 99, I knew of the long but do-able road ahead.

I was able to focus my sights on the lovely new courses, epic outfit, and eventually an even sweeter reward of a cape with a guy on it. I knew it wouldn't last and that I'd run out of steam, but that it would return! Well, with the update of Kuradal, I did run out of steam, but with the startup of the Olympics that spark is back and I'm milking it for all it's worth! 4 million xp doesn't look that far away now!

Twi found Bob the Cat and I took advantage of the segue. :P

I'm in such an Olympic mood right now and the Olympics have been a great distraction in getting the agility train moving at full speed! I can't believe how quickly time goes by when I am watching *agile* athletes compete in their sports! :P In my last post I mentioned my return to the race for 99. Today proved to be an energizing start to what will be a month of Barb Extended with other skills added as necessary for flavour. :P Today, today.... Today I got this!!!

Woooooot!!!! The big 9-5!!!! Only 4 levels and a little over 4 million xp left to go!! Think about this- If I get 200k xp per day (about 4-ish hours) I'll have 99 in 3 weeks. If I get a million xp a week (more likely than 200k a day) then I'll have it in 4. My birthday is in 5 weeks and 4 days. I sense a birthday present of a cape with a guy on it, don't you?? :-D

There is a special agility clan that runs Gnome and Ape on world 46. You can find out more info on it riiight HERE. Their founder, Minminpu, who is my agility role model up there with Bitt3rsw33t3, put it best on page 2, post 3, when she talks about the "jinxes" when going for 99. It was sooo true for me! I luckily missed the first one but I totally got caught by the second! I quote:

"Fact 3: Jinxes!

Your first Jinx is coming when you get lv 85-88. You just feel too bored to continue. Many people quit or take long break after this lv.

Second Jinx - Lv 93....many people have a long break after this lv. We don't know why. But half of people who reached lv 93 just leave and don't come back. You have to expect what you are going through...........this is one big fact. Face it. Prepare for it.
(93 is most chance of Jinx but will depend on the person, it will happen any lv between 93-98 actually.) "
-Minminpu, founder of World 46 All Terrain Agility Team (w46ATAT)

I just want to say that I LOVE running with them! Most of the leaders have agility capes and have xp in the tens of millions. They are sooo supportive of everyone who comes to run! They will say hello to every new face they see, play fun and unique games, and will drop food along the course for people to pick up and eat. I usually catch them Mondays at 10AM. It's so nice to run with company! Who cares if it's not barb I get to keep my sanity! :P I don't know where exactly it says this in their forum but they don't do Barb because you have to take turns at the rope swing. Totally makes sense. :-) If any of you are reading this, thanks so much for making Agility a little more popular to train!!!

Speaking of popular, I sometimes wish I had chosen a more popular skill to train to 99 but then remember how awesome the cape is and how hard it really is to get to where I am. It takes many hours of clicking obstacles to get levels, but they sure do come fast after 80! The best days of my agility training involve great conversations in chat and today there were several!

First there's this one. Right after I got 95 Zoorhana came into the chat and I wanted to break the news to him, with this hilarious result. LOL!

Next we were talking about ages and how we act differently on RS than in RL. Hehe. :D

This one is complete awesomeness courtesy of Dr Leviathan. He will sit in the chat for hours without saying a word and then, at the exact right time, say something awesome. His timing is absolutely perfect. Keep in mind that about 5 minutes have gone by between the time somi asks if his dad plays RS to his witty response out of nowhere. I laughed sooo hard!

Here's a LOL from Peekyface. He did the new summon D&D that came out today and wanted to take a cannon somewhere... He went to dags and then said the above. LOL! I still haven't done the new D&D as I am busy nolifing but I'll try it out soon. It's not going anywhere!

Me and Twi like to make faces at each other to cheer each other up. My favorite face is ";-x" and of course we have our ":[]" face. As he already has 99 agility his job is to push me to keep running!!! DW, Twi, I'm running and I ain't stopping for a while yet!

I want to thank all of my friends both in PM and in Canting who have entertained me today as I spent the entire day running with a break to let ODST Isaac fix his barrows in my house and to go to my friend Dalton's 99 Defence. I'm soooo full of wub today!!! I'm so high on agility right now!! That's a good thing because I'll be here a while! Today for a while I ran with a peep named Pure Munstah who was doing the regular course:

The funniest thing he said to me was when we were crossing the slippery log and he fell off. I told him that I failed the blasted log right up until level 93 (I failed it more than the balance beam!). His reply? "Now the agility course fails you!!" LOL!!

Not alllll my time has been spent running Barb, just most. :P Yesterday xCJRx came into Canting to tell us some bad personal RL news and wanted to kill something so we headed off to Soulwars. I told them of world 9, an unofficial tie world, and we were off and in the game. I didn't get many pics but I did snap this one of a clever name (Pet My Pwny). This person was even a mod! How cool! See? Mods don't need to be lvl 130+!

I brought 2 forge regents like always and played 4 games total, getting 6 zeal (2 losses and 2 ties) and spent them on Ranged. I used 100 scrolls very fast and did my share of disarming and killing people, and in turn had my fair share of epic deaths. I love soulwars! Among those who went were CJ, Merchy, Arcty, and Gwalagwic, but I'm pretty sure there were a few more who I don't remember.

I did a bit of slayer as well and am 13k from 83. I bought what I thought was 25k xp for 400 points and, fail, it was 10k. Whoops! Oh well mistakes happen and it's really not a big deal. I'm close to task #200 anyway so I'll make that 400 back quick, especially if I continue to get awesome tasks like the 250-ish dusties I have now. :D I did spend some time at Hellies with JJ IS ONLINE and upon looking at his adventure log....

Wow... 2 hexes and 2 fs!! For the win!!

I leave you with this small post. I asked Aximili E I where his name came from on his radio show and he answered, and the E and I stand for things and I knew I'd never remember unless I had it written down so here it is!

Good night everyone!! Here's to more running! I am officially rank 5,852 and have 8,871,812 XP. So close to 9 million!! After looking at the skill calc, I have 5620 laps on Barb to go! Oh man this is looking closer than ever! I have found the light, the spark, the second wind! Huah!!!

Until next time...

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