Saturday, March 27, 2010


Woot!! Today was my birthday and what better way to celebrate then by throwing a runescape house party!! I certainly rang in my 21st year with a BANG, but more on that later! :P

Guests started arriving and trading me things like kegs, cake, and an assortment of alcohol. Kitty gave me 6 ninja imps as presents and I receives tons of other goodies such as strawberries, an ent, and more! :D

As we got the party started I picked up the con rocks for the week and we got drunk and began killing each other in my dungeon!

I loved the flowers of my name, made by Fred Lay :D

Finally the house party wound down with everyone glitchily crammed into my dining room. What a sight that was! XD

Thanks to everyone who came by to wish me a happy birthday! Kisses to you all!

After that it was time for me to get my birthday present to myself and what better way than by playing my favorite minigame, Trouble Brewing. It's even alcohol-themed! Perfecto! The games began and I was thoroughly enjoying myself. After the 2nd game, just the way I had intended, I randomly achieved 99 cooking!

Woot!! I wasn't expecting to level after the game so I clicked and then fireworks went off and I was lagging and running around with giant fireworks exploding off me! It was perfect! I didn't get a vid or pic but I heard other people did. :D We then set off for Varrock to pick me up my "I-Can-Has-Pie" cape! :D Funny story, I didn't have my armour or chef hat so I couldn't get into the guild! I thought 99 automatically let you in... Oh well, I ran to the bank where I made small talk with some locals who asked about my agility cape. I told them I had just gotten 99 cooking and was going to get my cape so they headed over too!

The cape was purchased and more triumphant music played. :D I then put it on:

...and looked very suave! :D

Finally it was time for the emooooote!!!! First one ever!

Ahh yeah! Now I can has pie!!!!

It's hard to tell but Zachy, me, and Rafftank are emoting in synch!

Here it is on the records:

Yay!! 99 cooking on my 21st birthday on 27 March!!! :D:D:D

After that I treated myself to some RL shopping and scored some neat new clothes that I feel pretty in. :-) I then went to the theatre and saw Alice in Wonderland... in 3D!! It was a really cool movie and I enjoyed it. Then it was dinner at my favorite restaurant and then presents! My sister got me a necklace and my parents got me a water bottle that says "99 Defence" and a red shirt that says "Agility 99 jealous much?" Hooray for cafepress and their selection of Runescape themed stuff!!I then returned to RS to get my smiffin rocks. I got the first one way earlier in the day and was having a hard time on the 2nd. I bought tin but copper wouldn't sell so me and my cousin mined some together and I made bars, knives, nothing. Finally, I bought some iron bars and on the last inventory of 7, I got it! Yay! I also got the mining stones today (and the rune ore!! Woo Kelda!) and the con stones. All I have left are the thieving stones! I've been doing that for a while and nothing yet but I have gotten much needed seeds so all is well! Of course I had to do a star in Fally so I took Rimmy and a fellow Agile Sister was waiting as well. We went up to the Taverly mine together and I met up with 3 other fellow Canters. I wear my ardy cloak to thieve so I was in a different and schnazzy outfit for the little clan pic we took:

Here we have Fred Lay (in mid-turkey-emote LOL), Dr Leviathan, me in bearhead/lawcraft clothes/ratpole, and Vandyballer with his grack. I then went off to draynor where Levi dropped by to give me 21 kegs of beer and about 12 pairs of gloves of silence. Woot! Now it's rock time...

Before I go to bask in my oldness, I leave you with the pictures of my cooking cake. It was for the win and yummy! Made by me and my mommy. :D

It was a great day but I have eaten too much sweets so I am tired again :P Good night everyone and I can't wait for what tomorrow has in store! :D

Until next time...

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