Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Golden Plan

Today I decided that the time had come to get 90 Crafting! I quickly discovered that I could make a profit doing it *raises eyebrows* and have purchased 9585 goldbars for only 1m coins and when I am done making amulets I'll sell them back and make a profit! Woohoo! It's on now...

So far I have made about 3k of the OVER NINE THOUSAND ammies but this is just like cooking except with a longer walk to the furnace. Ferus stopped by to show me his spiffy ownage woodcutting outfit:

...which consisted of a top hat, black trimmed armour, zammy book, d hatchet, r boots, red gloves, obby cape (non seen at this angle), and glory. :P I also saw someone in an agility cape and did my usual shout of "Agile Brother!!" which so far has yielded responses of ":D" and "Woot!" I love it!

In the middle of amuletizing I did a star in Asgarnia. It was kind of funny... I volunteered Levi on purpose and sent him to the craft guild where the star fell! :D It was fun and quite a few members of Canting showed up to take it on. In all the excitement I forgot to take a pic! I was happy with the mining xp and now have less than 150k till 89! Yay!
I then returned to... Oh man I really need a cool name for this furnace. The Sizzler was such a unique name... Anyways whatever it is, I returned to it to craft more amulets until I felt so exhausted that I called it a night and got to this blog. :P First though, Mike logged in and surprised me with this, which led to my funny response at the bottom. Read the PM first then the chat:

MIKE BEAT NOMAD!!!!1 Woohoo!!!! GRATZZZ Mike!!!!! Wear that sw cape with pride!!

At the bottom I hinted that I myself am ready to tackle Nomad. With all the recent successes of my friends I have gotten a boost in confidence. I have come up with a small plan of action: I am going to go in there pretending that I am one of the men of Terabi Tana, most likely Mera Visi, and that I am fighting one of the biggest demons in Terabi's Realm. I even made it an April goal, but if I can get it done in March then I'm cool with that too. :-) I'll get a couple days alone and may do it then so that I can just scream at my compy as loud as I can while just in the company of my cat. :P

I am so tired so I'll end it here. Good night everyone!

Until next time...

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