Saturday, March 13, 2010

Slayer, 3 Levels, and Meeting People :)

Today was a great day! I was very close to a couple of levels so I set off to tackle HP, Attack and Strength. I finished up my Nechryael task, getting 3 rune boot drops almost in a row, and then canceled kalphites for living rocks. On my very last one I got 92 HP! :D

I was on a roll now! I got Hellhounds after that which made me happy! I set off killing them and before long I finally had that lovely 85 Attack:

I ended with 3k till 85 Strength and got dags as my next task! Woot! I knew that I would level combat as well on this one so I grabbed the Balmung and within a few minutes I had 85 Strength and 122 combat!!!!
I totally forgot to take a pic of the banner before it was too late but here it is with my combat level. Woohoo!!! I can left click hellhounds!!!!! I have been waiting for this for seriously forever! It's ironic that I just had them for a task and I can't wait to get them again! I now have 2006 total! :D

After that I was a little runescaped out so I decided to hop on Lesko Dymond and hang out with my freeplay friend, Sir Nerdsy. About the only thing I did was give myself a "peekyface beard" before I got weirded out by my low levels and hopped back on Pie where I returned to Fally and gave Sir Nerdsy a ton of death and chaos runes, some airs, and some steel arrows I picked up from dags. I even got a pic before I left. BTW, I'm lvl 112 in freeplay now! Woot!

He's in mid-fire-spell too! :P

I then hopped back to the comfort and luxury of members and ended up meeting Bitt3rsw33t3 in person! It was fun and we chatted a bit before we both got tired and went to bed. :P

It's because of her dancing in her lovely agility cape that I was inspired to try for 99 agility again! She found my blog post while googling her own name one day and we added each other and became friends! :-) I thought I'd better show off my new cape for her. :-)

And while I'm at it let's not forget Twi Twi. He decided to get 99 agility sometime at the end of last school year (2009). I, being one of his only good friends on RS, was very supportive of him. Then, in September I decided myself to get this longtime goal and awesome cape and once I got 80 he was there running with me and cheering for me. We spent quite a while on the barb course together (he much preferred barb to gnome) and had a great time losing the game, making faces at each other, and playing tag. :P He totally helped me get through much of that early part of 13m agility xp! After he got 99 I lost my drive for agil but was right there for me when I got it back and made the big run for 99! You rock Twi!! Without you I would have never made it all the way to 99! And I also loved your name when it was IEat Sammich. :P

I have been feeling very tired lately, so it's time to go to bed. I have an early dress rehearsal in the morning and an orchestra concert in the evening so I'll be pretty busy and not have too much time to play. I might go rcing or something like that. Who knows, really! :P

I leave with you this really, really funny Merchy-ism I guess you could say. It made my day pretty much! XD

She was talking about how tired she was and how she was only on because she was close to a "runescape level." She meant runecrafting, which I quickly decoded, and remarked that wow she really was tired! It took her a little bit to figure out why before she noticed her mistake, giving me a great laugh. We love you Merchy! What would we do without you... :-)

Good night all! Daylight savings time is starting soon... Joy!

Until next time...

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