Friday, March 12, 2010

Raking In The XP

Wow!! What a day! First off, I was so excited that I had a dream that I did my tree tag run. Except that somehow I planted more trees and had 90 farming in no time. :P I then woke up and was excited to get started! I did start with my tree tag and it went smooth as ever.

Calquat! Crystal to Lletya for the Papayaya! Break the lum tab and tag the yew! Fally tab! Fally garden and Taverly yews! Quickly now! To Varrock for the yew there! Spirit tree to Gnome! Palm tree! Mage tree!! Phew! When it was all done, in about 2 minutes, I had gone from somewhere above 300k till 86 to 116k till. Wowie!

I then ran up the ladder to the bank and sipped my giant vat of chef's delight and began to piebake. I was so excited as I watched that xp rise like helium! Before long I was close to the end of the near 800 summer pies when........ The power in our house went off. ??!?!?! I was frustrated, mad, annoyed. So, I went to shower and soon enough the power was back and I was finishing it all up. I got a good 500k+ xp off those pies! While I was doing that things that I wanted to do came to mind. I didn't know the circus was included! I also didn't know that this started at 5am Friday, so my dad, who previously thought he couldn't even do this (he has Special Olympics State Games all weekend way up in the mountains), was on and herbloring like crazy! He got 89!! Woot!
Anyways I saw sand and seaweed in my bank and decided to glassmake it all. I bought some sand form my dad and was off taking advantage of being on lunars. After a quick detour to the circus, I was in Edgy glassmaking for quite a while! As I was traveling around, I snapped these amusing shots of the chaos and madness of leveling:
The GE in every world was set ablaze with the firemakers...

Camelot was swamped with people spam-teleing!

With my glassmaking all done, and about 800 glass later, I set off making light orbs. I should have done regular orbs but I wanted xp. After that, I noticed I was about 16k from a mage level! I strung the handful of amulets I had from attempting the craft stones and pretty soon a mage level, and 2001 total, was mine!

Woohoo! Fertile soil time!! Dunno how much I'll use it, but it may come in handy... I've been noticing a ton of people using it lately...

After all that I went to switch my spellbook back to regular (regspells in Piespeak :P) and brought along some pure ess to make just a couple astrals. Well wouldn't ya know I got a rc stone!! Woohoo! I was so excited that I smashed my home tele... without changing spellbooks. *headdesk.*

I then parked it in the cooking guild bank, renamed "The Sizzler" by me. It was here that I finished blowing all those lightorbs and then got to work cooking my huge pile of almost 4k sharks. Man oh man did the xp fly by! I got well over 1m cooking xp today! Starting at about 7.3m, I blasted right through 8m, landing at 9m and getting me 2 levels in the process!

Woot! Legit summer pies! This is going by very fast which I am happy for because in all honesty I can't stand cooking. I'm not saying it's stupid or anything like that, it's just that I prefer skills where I am actively moving around... Skills like Defence and Agility... Hmm.. :P

As I expected, the cooked sharks didn't sell right away so I took a much wanted break from cooking to let them sell and went to do a farm run. I got about 6k xp just from the allotments and herbs which was nice. :D I then set off to do my Nechryael task which was a ton of fun. It all goes well I'll have hp, attack, and strength levels tomorrow, in that order. :D I'll probably get 122 combat as well and make those darn hellhounds left clickable!! That will bump me to 2006! I'm sitting very happily at 2003 right now thanks to my cook levels! :D My dad has 2013 and I am catching up! Merchy is quickly approaching 2000 total as well! My goodness last I looked she was around 1976 and today she was 1995!!! Her summon is higher than mine now too o.O

As I was slaying Peeky needed to by something from me and I then went to check out his new house. It looks very nice! I was more than pleased that I brought my DFS and that his dragon fully charged it! :D I also got some pics of us in his new Crythtal Throne. :D

First the funny glitched up pic... :P

...and the nice pic! :D

I used up my big bonus and am very pleased with the levels I've gotten. People are crying about it not lasting 10 hours which annoys me. Cmon peeps, free xp is free xp! So they were a little off... You're treating this like it's some mandatory thing... Don't forget it's a gift, not a right. This is why I didn't plan stuff to the minute. I just enjoyed doing the little I had planned with some impromptu training thrown in. It made it so much more fun!

Oh and huge gratz to Dr Leviathan who got 99 summoning! He saw me at the sizzler and said hi. I was afk and returned to find him in a new cape. I thought it was fishing. Then I saw the back and was like "Z0mg! You r Zezima!!" He has a cape with a wolf on it! :D Plus gratz to all those who not only bumped but shoved their summoning levels into the 90's! Great work! Same with the herby folk as well! :P

I really wanna runecraft. I'm totally in the mood for it. Too bad I have roughly 500 ess... :-( Oh well that DFS was worth every sacrifice of that stash I had! I'll probably go buy some tomorrow and craft a bunch of deaths, who knows. :P

Let's see what kind of crazy levels I can get tomorrow with this 10% bonus xp! :D It'll last all weekend! I can't wait!!!

Until next time...

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