Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two Parties and Weekend Recap

Wow what a day! I was not able to get on much because I had a dress rehearsal from 10-12:30 which bled over causing me to miss church. I then had an outstanding orchestra concert later that night! :D

However in the little time I had in between loads happened! First off I saw that a star in the desert was 5 minutes away after looking at the scope! A lot of people volunteered to help and wanted to go so I waited until it was about to fall and then went to Alkarid, where I hoped it would not be in the big desert. It wasn't at the bank so I ran to the scorp mine where I saw it and alerted everyone to its presence. A large clan was there so it didn't last too long but it was pretty fun! I got a pic of the fellow canters who were there:

From l-r ODST Isaac, me, TheArcturus1, and E Zenaku

I then decided to satisfy my Rhoonkreftin craving so I bought 3k pess for about 400k and set off making deaths. I got the 2nd stone on the 2nd trip in! Woop! Most of the fellow canters didn't get theirs until they had crafted over 1k runes so I was feeling pretty good. The bonus 5k xp I got off that was awesome as well! I'm now about 90k from 75!

After using up 2 familiars and halfway through my third I got rooted when I teled back to Edgeville which was an obvious sign that the evil tree was south of the Edgy Monastery. I grabbed the usual- 8 kindling, topaz machete, rune axe, and tinderbox- and set off where I found it still a sapling. I began nurturing it and boom! It was a mage! I had fun getting tons of free fm xp and after it died I rushed over to Yanille where my friend Peeky was gettin 99 hp!
After a bit of negotiating the time he got all his friends in one place and after hitting several 0's in a row hit me for that big 99!

He looks so cute in his new cape! Afterwards a couple of us went back to his steel dragon and tried to kill it. I wore my skiller gear and a DFS. It was fun unleashing the spec on things! I couldn't charge it back up because it would always attack someone else first so eventually I went to Taverly dungeon, still in that gear, and pwnt a blue dragon with no food. My shield was charged and with my agile on and cutlass in hand achieved quite an epic win there! The people that were in the dungeon probably thought I was nuts!

After that I headed for the sizzler before it was time for Vandyballer to get 99 Fletching! It was a huge deal and a ton of people were there! We lined the streets of Catherby...

There were FOUR people in rc capes! Crazy!

...and before we knew it his cooking cape was trimmed and he got a lovely 99 fletching!!!

He's 3 people to the right of me (I'm half hidden by the leftmost wall) and this is moments after his once purple cape was now red! Huge gratz Vandy!!!!

After that I had to rush to dinner but not before noticing that one of my very good friends on RS logged in after being away for a few weeks! I just HAD to show her my new cape before I left for the concert and she was happy to see it! Welcome back Kitty! :-)

After the concert I returned to the sizzler and began cooking away... It was going by amazingly fast and I easily cooked nearly 2k sharks in a very short time. As the double xp weekend comes to a close let's take a look back on some things I've done:

Achieved near 2m xp in cooking alone, got from 93-95 cooking, got some much needed craft xp putting me at 300k till 90, got a magic level (83) whilst piebaking/glassmaking/circusing/stringing, knocked off 200k xp to 86 farming, leveled hp/att/str over the course of 3-4 slayer tasks putting me at 122 combat, did a couple clue scrolls, fished a little, got the RC stones, got 2006 total level, and got 11 random events.

About the randoms, here they are, in the order I got them. They were all different. o.O

Leo, Mime, Pheasant, Frog Prince, Jail Cage, Teleport Matrix, Pinball, Odd One Out, Evil Bob's Balloons, Classroom, and finally Drill Demon. The resulting xp lamps off 10 of those gave me much needed range xp and I am finally close enough to a range level that I may actually go out to Crandor and get it! :D The majority happened while I was cooking, obviously enough. :P

Well I am off to bed! I better get used to daylight savings time now and not later...

Until next time...

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